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PREACH IT! Charlie Sheen says he can’t do jail time because he needs cigarettes

Charlie-sheen-smile-web Charlie Sheen’s apparent insistence on access to tobacco seems to be holding up his punishment stemming from his Christmas Day attack on wife Brooke Mueller.

Per Radar, the sitcom-star-slash-hot-mess is trying to cut a deal to swap jail time for probation. His previous deal called for a month behind bars, which, according to analysts, was expected to be cut to something closer to two weeks with good behavior.

The previous deal also would have allowed him to go on work release and hang out in a local theater, perhaps delivering acting lessons or Q&As with locals. But the local jail administrative officer nixed that plan, saying that Sheen wasn’t eligible for such a sweet deal. Instead, Beverly Campbell argued, Sheen was more suited for a different plan, one that would let him leave jail during the day but would not allow him to smoke.

Now Sheen is arguing that he deserves only probation, and he’s citing two reasons:

  1. He wants to take care of his kids in case wife Mueller needs rehab
  2. He seriously can’t do without cigarettes.

Sheen wouldn't be allowed to smoke if he did jail time.

There was a time in the past when Sheen and Mueller were both in rehab at the same time, and a third party cared for the kids. But Sheen doesn’t want that to happen again; he "really wants to be there for them," a source told Radar.


To his credit, Sheen is providing us with some fabulous entertainment. At least it's funnier than his sitcom.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Charlie Sheen leaves the Pitkin County Courthouse after a June 7 court hearing in Aspen, Colo. Credit: Rick Wilking / Reuters.

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I cannot stand Charlie Sheen! I never could. I do not understand what the possible attraction could be to him. Denise Richards was waaaaay out of his league and she appeared to be smart, she dumped him!

He is looking mighty old these days!! Yikes!

lock him up and deny him smokes...at least he'll beat his nicotine addiction also....

If he's so dependent on tobacco, how does he film "2 1/2 Men?" It takes about an hour or so to film an episode of a half-hour sitcom...does he race outside the soundstage to his trailer to light up during scenery changes? Does he chew nicotine polacrilex gum? Does he need hypnosis? Will Chuck Lorre have a page to write under his vanity logo when all this is resolved?


They take breaks when filming, I am sure they allow time for smoking cigarettes.

I think charlie sheen is very cool and two and a half men is funny as hell. Jon cryer is funny also.

I agree that charlie is looking alot older in the past two years, its due to his drinking and other things he is putting into his body, its not good.


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