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Angelina Jolie continues goodwill tour with visit to children in Haiti


After last Thursday's PSA for World Refugee Day, Angelina Jolie continued her work as U.N. goodwill ambassador with a mission to Haiti over the weekend.

Outside Port-au-Prince, Jolie spent the night at an SOS Children's Village, an orphanage-alternative facility that focuses on long-term care for displaced families. 

The actress brought toys and dined with the residents, preceded by a round table with Haitian President René Préval and various lawmakers to discuss protection policy for the nation's youngsters.

"I like to visit and support the SOS Children’s Villages in the world because I have seen that the children are growing up in a safe and loving environment," Jolie, who last visited in February, told organizers.

Next up for Jolie: to promote her political thriller "Salt," hitting theaters July 23.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Angelina Jolie breaks bread with the children of Haiti's SOS Village. Credit: Carolina Perez

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Good for her. She really is their champion. The more these children are seen around the world, the more the world will embrace them and see them for the potential they represent.

very nice lady. she has big heart not like any other actressess in hollywood who does not know what really life is. wish her the best

It would be awesome if she got more involved with or concerned about human trafficking of children, which is a HUGE and growing problem in the world. Not that she is not doing great work doing what she is doing, but she should bring more focus to the human trafficking issue of children as it is an issue that should be brought into the public arena and dealt with on a larger scale.

"Next up for Jolie: to promote her political thriller "Salt"." I believe her trips to Haiti and Ecuador were promotional. I don't think she does much that isn't calculated to promote herself.

Great work Angie. But that doesn't make you a saint either. You help some and you steal from other. Helping poor kids will never make up for stealing another woman's happiness, love,hopes and dreams. Destryoing one's life is the worst crime against humanity no matter how many others you help. Better not help anyone than destroy someone.


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