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What did Tito Ortiz do? Jenna Jameson gives her version of events

An emotional Jenna Jameson breaks into tears on camera while describing her alleged altercation with boyfriend Tito Ortiz that ended with the mixed martial arts fighter's arrest April 26 in Huntington Beach on suspicion of felony domestic violence. 

Jameson told Us Magazine that she and Ortiz had an "incredibly personal" argument -- "It was sexual" -- at the end of their Sunday date night. In the morning, she says, he accused her of using drugs and began packing his things. She says she pleaded with him and offered to take a drug test. He told her it was over, she says, and grabbed her arm and pushed her as he moved past her; she fell onto the edge of a bathtub.

It's unclear when the interview was conducted; the couple, who have twins together, had backed down Thursday after hurling accusations at each other ...

... through the earlier part of the week. The two spoke to each other Monday night for the first time since the incident, TMZ reports.

Jameson says that when law enforcement took Ortiz to jail -- her father had called 911 -- she didn't want him to go. She calls him "so loving" and "so protective," but also alleges a previous episode of violence that she attributes to the effects of a spiked drink.

"I'm so in utter shock that this happened," Jameson says. "Because we were America's couple."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Honestly, she could not put it better: "we were America's couple." - a hooker and a loser. It sums it up.

America's couple? Haha, what makes them think that they are America's couple? No body cares about a washed up pornstar and a washed up MMA fighter!!

America's couple? A man who grew up getting into fights on the streets and later made a career out of it and a porn star who made millions being with countless men (and women) in front of the camera? Tiger Woods and Elin were America's couple... look at what happened to them. Jenna, you embarass yourself by even suggesting that you are America's couple. If you don't want to be seen as stupid, don't say stupid things.


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