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Report: Megan Fox dropped from 'Transformers 3' -- shock or not? [poll]

Megan fox fired transformersMegan Fox's option to appear in "Transformers 3" has been dropped, a decision ultimately made by director Michael Bay, a new report says.

After two hugely successful films and numerous resulting controversies about the working relationship between Bay and his breakout star, the mega-bot franchise is now seeking a new love interest for top-liner Shia LaBeouf.

Reps for Fox and Paramount Pictures have yet to respond to requests for comment. 

As with any family, issues lead to tissues — and there's a laundry list of conflict between the two. First, there was an alleged directive for Fox to pile on some pounds. Then, after the sequel had dominated the global box office, Fox likened Bay's on-set style to that of Adolf Hitler.

Crew members did not respond well, labeling the actress "dumb as a rock." Still, her intellectual virtue was defended by higher-ups at the studio. Then last fall, when the third picture went into production, Bay welcomed Fox back to the franchise with crossed arms.

"Megan Fox, welcome back. I promise no alien robots will harm you in any way during the production of this motion picture," Bay wrote in an open letter. 

"Please consult your Physician when working under my direction because some side effects can occur, such as mild dizziness, intense nausea, suicidal tendencies, depression, minor chest hair growth, random internal hemorrhaging and inability to sleep. As some directors may be hazardous to your health, please consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you."

So it wasn't always paradise. LaBeouf himself admitted last week in Cannes that the "heart was gone" from the second film. Does Fox's absence mean its sex appeal is kaput? Give us your thoughts in comments.

— Matt Donnelly 

Photo: Megan Fox, who will next appear in "Jonah Hex," opening June 18. Credit: Getty Images.

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How can you drop one of the main characters! The 3rd movie is going to be so lame

the first transformers i loved. I have the movie and watch it quite often. I was so excited to watch the second one, though when I did I was very dissappointed, with all the language I couldnt even allow my children to watch it. All the movie had left for interest was LaBeouf and Fox. Knowing this who knows if I will even care to watch the third one.


I would hate to see her go and no I wont even watch it if she is gone!

Is it really going to be that hard for Michael Bay to find another hot actress no one knows yet that would be grateful for the exposure and career boost? Who knew badmouthing the director could backfire on you?

What exactly did she contribute to the movie which made her think she wasn't expendable to begin with? She had like 4 lines in each movie. Shia did most of the heavy lifting in their scenes anyway--she didn't provide comedic relief or dramatic weight, except maybe that one scene when Sam is dying. For most of the movie, it was like Shia was interacting with a relatively pretty, tanned wall. So, I'm pretty sure the third movie will be fine.
All I care about is that the third movie has Sam and the NEST team and actually has a coherent plot.

wow!!! thats so dumb!!! they are just gonna ruin the next movie!!! transformers 3 is gonna suck!!! just because they dropped one of the main characters!!! Transformers 3 will be so lame!!!!

She was half the reason I watched the 2nd. #3 will suck. I don't care if she's dumb, hard to work with, yada yada. She's allowed to for all I care. Get your job done as a director, stop it with the God complex. We, the audience are the ones in power. We want Megan Fox and you failed to deliver.

Who cares. She certainly isn't needed, the match between Labeuof and her was unbelievable at best. I guess Bay will just have to find aother actress to have stand still so that he can swirl around her with a camera in typical annoying Bay standard. His cinematography annoyed me to the point of hating Trans2. Fox's acting didn't help any.

Wow! Big question now is, who is going to be Sam's "New" love-interest?!

She was an incredible part of the two movies and now their just going to "write-off" her character.

For all of you who wanted more robots and less of that "Human Element" to the story are going to be very disappointed.

I'm willing to bet anyone's Salary or Job for that matter that neither the 'Dinobots' nor 'Unicron' will ever be in this film (maybe even any film for that matter). 'Unicron' is too big of an element to be in the sequel, and the 'Dinos' are too irrelevant in today’s world. I'm guessing that it will be based on the mythology of "Energon" and the “Life” of any 'Transformer' on Earth as we know it. How will the “Transformers” continue to live on Earth without an energy source to live off of? According to Hasbro's CEO, "You’re going to see that great core mythology brought to the fore, and Michael is hard at work at making this a reality and we’re very excited about it," Hasbro's head Brian Goldner also quoted Mr. Bay stating, "What we’re really doing is getting back to some of the core character development and storytelling. And I think there’s some elements of the core story that the filmmakers, Michael in particular wanted to tell..." With that said, this sequels cast includes Shia LaBeouf, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, John Turturro, Patrick Dempsey, Ken Jeong, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Ramon Rodriguez, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, and Kym Whitley, they really are focusing on character placement and development. It will be pretty difficult for Bay & Spielberg to come up with something historic as well as original. Possibly by now everyone has read the “Leaked Script” that was release immaturely late last year and everyone should know how that story was told, but everyone should also keep in mind that not everything presented from a “Leaked Script” is considered a complete fake; Nevertheless, that most of what is said is completely useless. This same leaked script does point out an issue that the humans are revolting against the same “Transformers” that have turned up here on Earth, which coincidently has been expressed and shown online with pictures depicting city walls and garbage cans spray-painted with crossed-out “Autobot” or “Decepticon” logos depicted in a circle with the words “Go Home” sprayed below. Many of you believe stories related to the comics and cartoons may seem too “Old,” while others may believe the stories that are original and/or new may not seem too “Traditional.” Either way, Hasbro, Paramount, Michael Bay, and Steven Spielberg can't make everyone happy at once. It will take several creative ideas to come together that will touch all generations. Basicly, from everything I've read (real or not) and stated here, Transformers 3 will be very simple (similar to Part 1) and less complex (similar to Part 2) where the storyline will be easy to follow, more understanding, over and above with dialog between the Humans and Robots; which will return with improvements and essentially become more in depth. By just adding a few newbie’s (Autobots / Decepticons) as well as bringing back all "survivors" from the last two films, I believe this film could be more epic than the other two combined; But, I believe that it will regrettably just resemble its predecessors and fail after its first opening weekend; Especially now that Megan Fox is not returning as Mikaela Banes. The Transformers 3 story will suffer from dehydration while falling victim to an aging cast that will somehow bring some type of human emotion to the forefront.

im glad those ugly thumbs wont be in the next movie, and megan fox is a horrible actor so im sure bay wont have any trouble finding a suitable hot replacement.

Almost half the voting people are shocked?
People are so stupid....

I think it'll be a huge improvement to the franchise. Unless they find someone who has even less talent than Fox, which i guess in itself would be talented cause, wow, can you suck at acting more?

Hope you all you trolls had fun sinking this franchise.. lol

That sucks you should put Megan Fox in Transformers 3,,,or nobody is going to see Transformers 3

I think taking her out of the movie is bad because she is one of the MAIN reasons a lot of people guys & girls went to go see the second movie despite its bad press

She seriously needed to think twice before biting the hand that fed her. Seriously, she should've been thankful because the Transformers films were what made her famous. I'd never even heard her name before those movies. I loved her performances with LaBeouf, but ultimately it's all her fault that she was cut.

I 'm sure Megan Fox's departure from Transformers will have no real impact. Not sure why Megan Fox's fans are crying about her being dropped from Trans3, they weren't there to boost her up for her Jennifer's Body movie which made only 16M. Despite her more "revealing" role, she can't act to save her life.

Dropping a main character so late in the game with such a developed background already would be a very bad mistake, leave your egos aside if you want to make a 3rd with a more developed story. What better 2 leading characters could you possibly pick they work great together and the fans love them and lets get to it really its all about the fans i know i wouldn't be the least bit interested if she was dropped !

There is absolutely no reason to watch Transformers 1, 2, or 3 if Megan Fox's booty isn't in it. End of discussion.

not shocked, she is not a good actress anyway.

Most people watch Transformers for one of the very main reason: Megan Fox. She was pretty good in the movie, and I love Transformers! But without her, I don't think it will be the same. I mean come on! She's Sam's sidekick! Who's gonna be his human sidekick anymore?

This is retarded you cannot do 2 movies with someone and then drop them for the third. Why not just ignore her and do the third movie and kill her off it or something. I hope they don't expect the new person to play the same character cause that never ever works. if they wanna keep the franchise alive create a new love interest!

Michael Bay is stupid not to do what he had to do to get Megan Fox. I will NOT be watching or buying this one. I know they had differences but I don't think it was smart to play it like this.

Bring back MeganFox. The Movie will be bad with out her. Shia and Megans chemistry is believable. Who ever made this decision should think about what they have done to the Transformers Franchise.

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