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PREACH IT! Russell Brand is hot. Unless he's not. [Poll]


We’ll make this quick: Russell Brand is preparing to marry Katy Perry. Pretty much everybody agrees that Katy Perry is hot. Not everyone says the same thing about Russell Brand.

True, sometimes the comedian looks like he’s been trapped in a washing machine with the lead singer from the Cure. But then there are moments when some sort of weird, black alchemy happens: the long, dark hair, the scruff, the intense, dark eyes. And in those moments, the guy -- we’ll say it -- looks sorta kinda hot.

With Brand’s film, "Get Him to the Greek," bowing in theaters June 4, clearly we need to put this to a poll. Weigh in. Or share your comments below.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Russell Brand. Credits: Ethan Miller / Getty Images, left, Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times, right

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Russell Brand is definitely hot and he knows it

I think they make a perfect couple. Oh, and NEITHER one of them is hot.

He always looks likes he needs a thorough shower and shampoo. Very funny guy, however!


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