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PREACH IT! Jesse James takes his image to the chop shop

May 21, 2010 | 12:52 pm


Here it comes. We’re gonna say it. Nothing you can do to stop us. Wait for it.

Jesse James strikes again!

Look, Preach It! has written about Jesse James for months now, and we’ve never once gotten to say "Jesse James strikes again" -- and why the heck else would we have gotten into the journalism business to begin with?

Besides, James really has struck again, this time in a brand-new interview coming up via ABC. In a promo for the interview, released Friday, Vicki Mabrey is seen pummeling James with questions about how, in so many words, could one dude be the embodiment of so much skeez.

One of his responses: “I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away.” In another shot, James is seen stepping away from the set, apparently in tears, saying, “Let me take a break for a second.”

The interview is clearly an attempt to rehabilitate James’ reality television career, or at least ...

... his image. Even in the tiny clip we’ve seen, James’ tears come across as self-serving and fake, as orchestrated -- if not quite so clearly hyper-managed -- as Tiger Woods’ feverishly scripted mea culpa at Sawgrass.

Still, to assume his career is over is to underestimate James’ pull with his core audience. Market researchers remind us that James’ core demo isn’t exactly the Oprah Winfrey crowd -- more trucker-cap dudes who like their ladies filthy and splayed across the chassis of a Harley.

Given that reality, love him or hate him, James, in the long run, is bound to do fine.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Is Jesse James rehabbing his reality TV image? He was part of the "Celebrity Apprentice" crew last time around. From left, Tom Green, Clint Black, Dennis Rodman, James, Andrew Dice Clay, Brian McKnight, Scott Hamilton and Herschel Walker were part of that cast. Credit: NBC

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