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PREACH IT! Another post, another chance for Justin Bieber fans to get all worked up

Justin Bieber

You may have noticed that we here at Preach It! haven’t exactly jumped on the Justin Bieber bandwagon. Instead, we have, once or twice, jumped all over Justin Bieber. The posts usually stem from Bieber’s attitude, which falls somewhere between that of Diddy and Henry the Eighth. Our criticisms are inevitably blasted by hard-core Beliebers, who insist that Justin is as grounded and sweet as his overheated PR machine says he is.

But every time we think we should reconsider our stance, the same thing happens: We’re bashed over the head with some new article or interview about how humble Bieber is -- and then almost immediately field about some fresh account illustrating just how obnoxious the “grounded” teen really is. Preach It! does not hate on 16-year-olds. We cannot, however, stand their ham-handed propaganda attaches.

Newest case in point: Bieber recently went on Oprah. He took great care to outline how his mom punishes him when he acts up.

"My mom takes things that I really like, like my computer, my phone," he told Winfrey. "She takes my phone away for a couple of days and I'm like, 'Oh, I need that!' "

Adorable, right? Or not.

Bieber Now comes word of Bieber’s recent visit to Australia, where the teen allegedly cussed out a staffer for the TV show "Sunrise." According to host David Koch, who recounted the incident during a radio interview this week, Bieber verbally abused a floor manager. The manager was trying to show Bieber where to perform. Bieber responded with a cuss word and a demand that the manager “never touch” him again.

The shocked floor manager was then reportedly told by Bieber’s regular sound technician that “he tells us that all the time”.

How has Bieber responded? By playing a card he uses with increasing frequency: the I’m-a-helpless-widdle-kid angle.

"Hearing adults spread lies and rumors,” he Tweeted, “is part of the job I guess."

Yes. And so is having a squad of handlers to arrange yet another image-overhauling interview -- every time their entitled client throws a tantrum.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Justin Bieber. Top credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press; Bottom credit: Samir Hussein / Getty Images.

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You are just a jealous hater. We love him and you hate him. It's the way of life. Live with it. :)

hey i don,t care what other people say you,r the best


i luv jb he is a major hottie n he has an amazing voice Like sm1 i kno me lolz any wayz dont b such haters jelious much

Ya'll know this simply is not true. If he said get your hands off me the guy was probably trying to feel the kid up

holly i am a BIG Justin bieber fan ilove jb he is a good person 2 me i not like when i here people talk about you i just want 2 see your sweet face i love u justin bieber i am 13 hope 2 meet someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ILOVE U.

The last couple paragraphs say it all. He's an arrogant little jerk w/ a sense of entilement who has "people" outright *lying* to do damage control. I really hope this 12-year-old Greyson Chance knocks this marginally talented little brat down a few pegs. It would be *most* deserving!

this poor kid with the rice bowl haircut will eventually burn-out by puberty...Leif Garrett's throne of self-destruction will be taken over by Beaver-Cleaver Bieber...okay go ahead and watch your heads explode over this comment...in other news...Bristol Palin is not pregnant again...har, har...

why can't everyone just drop this and leave him alone? it's making me more and more upset everytime i see another site post the same article. so what if he swore, he's a 16 yr old boy and it's pretty sad for everyone to be hating on him and spreading lies and rumours. i love you justin and i'm here to support you through everything <3

can you come to my bithday party

Well just bc u heard that he cussed someone out doesn't mean that it's true and btw he's a teenager and I don't know one teenager that doesn't cuss. He cussing someone out to me is as true as you thinking he's the sweetest guy ever. Make sure u have the facts right before hating on someone and then think "what about me? I'm not perfect either"

stop being mean to justin i wish i could meat him tou are all lucky if you see him on sage singing i watch him on youtube.this is no fun watching him on youtube. i wish i could meat him. you are hot,and i love you justin bieber

Now I am from Australia and David Koch is a well respected and well loved journalist here. He has always been honest and in the past has even spoken his mind on matters better left unsaid to simply let the truth be known.

There is no reason why he should lie, nor anyone from the news program 'Sunrise'. I mean why lie at all? Respectful people, like Koch, would not hate on someone like Bieber who could potentially be a great role model for kids his age. Showing how to become successful, follow your dreams etc. I mean the kid has done well to get where he is and must have a talent of some sort.
Perhaps there was a misunderstanding back stage and Bieber misheard or the staff member bumped him by accident. Either way, the way Bieber responded, it must be admitted, was a little foul and totally unnecessary. And Koch would never make up stories nor even mention it if it had been just a small misunderstanding.
Believe what you will.

This Isint Trueee , Soo Stopp Makingg Rumors Andd Get A Lifee Haters !


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