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Oprah shuts down charity Angel Network, Kitty Kelley sounds off

Oprah angel network shut downOprah Winfrey is dissolving her longtime charitable foundation, the Angel Network, according to the talk show host's website

Tipped off by a blog post by Kitty Kelley, who recently published an unauthorized biography of Winfrey, the Ministry was stunned to learn that Winfrey would disband the powerful philanthropic arm of her empire -- one that's raised more than $51 million since its inception in 1998.

"Oprah remains deeply committed to philanthropy, and her new cable network— OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network — will continue to highlight charitable organizations in conjunction with its programming in the years ahead," according to a statement on her site.

The organization, which has financed causes including schools in rural China and South Africa, aid for Hurricane Katrina victims and book clubs for children in under-resourced areas, grew out of a 1997 episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in which Winfrey invited viewers to collect spare change to improve the lives of others.

Kelley calls the shutdown "dismaying to a needy nation, especially those in the Gulf of Mexico experiencing horrendous disaster from British Petroleum’s oil spill."

What do you think of the Angel Network shutting down? Tell us in comments. 

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Oprah Winfrey in 2009. Credit: Associated Press

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Kitty Kelley seems so racist to me. Has she ever given anything to charity in her life? The Angel Network did a great job raising money, but Oprah doesn't need to raise money from others anymore because she's personally given hundreds of millions out of her own pocket. How much has Kitty given from all the money she's made trashing others?

Oprah has done some amazing things with her philanthropic work. Kitty Kelley's comments are ridiculous who cares what she thinks. If she is so concerned for her fellow human beings why not stop writing all these tabloid style books and how about donating your time and money to something worthwhile other then your own bank account. I don't see her opening schools in under privileged countries or donating food, clothing etc to Hurricane or tornado victims like Oprah has done. Personally don't feel Kitty Kelley would be someone I would print a comment about Oprah from. Just my opinion.

It would be better to Keep Angel Network and Shut down Oprah Winfrey ...

I don't seen any real philanthropy here in her case, Oprah has more money than Most Small to medium sized countries , and since she had been asking her viewers to give to a charity that she should be totally footing the bill for , I just can't see her in the same league with a Mr. Bill Gates or any others who did give large portions of their wealth to the common good.

I've tuned her out , and when her new network hits the air I will stay tuned out .

She's only in it for the money , and the more she gets the fatter she becomes , between her ears.

Oprah can do what ever she wants with HER money or HER foundation, she's raised plenty and given plenty of her own money to many charitable causes, she gives everyday thru her show in some way or another, and whoever doesn't like her or will tune her out go ahead and do so, i'm sure Oprah could care less she has many people who love her for who she is and what she's doing......

I think Oprah is shutting down her Angel Network because she understands that America is heading into Socialism of Cloward and Piven design and she realizes that she is going to have to hang on to her personal money as well as the rest of us because this country is going bankrupt. Thanks to her friend Obama and his cohorts.

She started it she can morph it into anything she wants. It's still a relatively free country.

Kitty Kelley, a racist? Ya think?

i believe its probably something legal and that she is starting new with her OWN. she isnt walking away she is just changing lanes. noone really knows why when or how except oprah and her lawyers.

Ms. Kelley.....What have you done for society?

Never watched her, never want to. Self-promotion epitomized. Who cares what she does with her charity - people with money to give have plenty of options - there are many charities to choose from - and they will gladly take the donations.

Time for someone else to step up. BP should pay for any and all assistance that will be needed due to the oil issue. Leave the money from other sources for issues that have not been created by the greedy oil industry.

I never understood the the necessity of this network in the first place. Oprah has billions. Instead of asking other people for money, she should be donating her own.

Why close it after doing so much good? cannot understand

Kitty Kelley received a lot of negative press regarding the authorized bio of Oprah. Why? Because she had some less than stellar things about the great one, Oprah. Never mind Ms. Kelley had multiple sources (she's no dummy). The ones that stood up for Oprah are either blinded by her celebrity, scared to death of her or indirectly sucking up to her.

A reporter interviewing asked if she was donating some of her millions to aid victims of the BP oil spill. Taken by surprise, the short answer was no. While I haven't been a fan for years (after she made it know her political affilliation), it was a surprise to hear her reply. With all her millions, she couldn't spare $50k, $25k?

Maybe she and the other "O" have seats on the same sinking ship.


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