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None of these dots of light is carrying Lindsay Lohan any closer to court

It's a big planet.

With lots of big airplanes.

And Lindsay Lohan can't get a flight home from Cannes, France.

Just sayin' ...

-- Christie D'Zurilla

(Hat tip to Holy Kaw! at Alltop.com.)

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Such a shame...sigh!...One of those planes could have dumped her drunk ass in the oil filth Gulf and no one would really miss her...honestly...

I'm still rooting for Lindsay despite the messes she's gotten herself into. I don't know if it's depression, severe ADHD, bipolar disorder or what but Lindsay's gotta get back into the game. I believe there's still hope for her future aslong as she tries to stay on top of things. Hang in there Linds, you'll be fine.

Believing in milk-aholic Lindsay...some people are delusional...so sad!


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