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Miranda Kerr is saving the global economy, one banker at a time

GQ-kerr-web "It was a huge deal," Miranda Kerr says, most likely twirling her hair or sprinkling glitter onto her Victoria's Secret wings.

She's not referring to wardrobe malfunctions or flights canceled thanks to a certain volcano -- Kerr is talking about her racy photographs almost getting a banker fired from his job.

"I wasn't offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy," she tells GQ magazine, for which she serves as June cover girl. 

Aussie David Kiely was the unassuming man who, during a live TV spot, was caught ogling a Kerr spread. After the model threw her weight (however low that number) behind him, his employment was saved and her fate as office pinup sealed.

"I wonder if he'll get into trouble if we send him this cover," she pondered with the mag.

"We should send him a signed cover! He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the Internet." 

And now she's bringing families together.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Miranda Kerr photographed for GQ's Love, Sex and Madness issue. Credit: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin / GQ.

Between her physical charm and human-resources prowess, we really can't top Miss Kerr. You can try with other scenarios involving gratuitous beefcake and cheescake, or just check out our Twitter and Facebook pages. You know, in case the boss is watching.

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She has an extremely large forehead.

@Sophie -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

I believe the word you're looking for is "fivehead."



mmm....lets see,
Miranda is on the covers of GQ, iD, has a spread in Elle, just signed with Prada,
appeared on Ellen and Forbes lists her as the 9th highest paid model in the world...so I guess the CONDESCENDING tone of the blog just ignores the fact she works very hard and is successful at her job but instead it's all about she
must be dumb because she's a model and beautiful.....ok....lame!

@Sarah, this is Matt from the Blog.

This post is not about Miranda's many achievements as a model -- rather about her saving the employment of her fellow man (who does not have magazine covers, Forbes lists or an Orlando Bloom of his own to cuddle at night).

Best //MD

Unless you look like that in your undies*points to above pic of miranda kerr* shut up. Shes blessed. Get over it. Everyone has flaws.yours is insecurity. Otherwise you wouldnt pick at her for having a high forehead.


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