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PREACH IT! Miley Cyrus grinds away at that annoying good-girl cage

Cyrus-shankman-liam-webFor a while now, Miley Cyrus has been trying to break out of her sparkly pink Barbie straitjacket and get a little dirty. Her initial efforts have not served her well.

First she spent a few unfortunate seconds next to a pole during a Teen Choice Awards performance -- a decision that put her daddy on the defensive.

Then she signed on for the Nicholas Sparks vehicle “The Last Song,” promising to play an “out there” character with serious “issues.” But instead we got an essentially nice girl who shoplifted once, totally regrets it and now wants nothing more than to rescue little baby sea turtles.

Now, turns out, those last bits were just practice. Cyrus has officially bent all of her dark will toward Britnification, and her redoubled effort is finally starting to pay off. First she released an official video for the single "Can't Be Tamed." Miley goes the standard route, gyrating with both girls and guys, dancing some Britney Spears-style choreography, rocking the cleavage, thrashing on her back. And just in case her message isn't clear enough, Cyrus plays the part of a rare bird. Who breaks out of her cage. Get it? Get it? GET IT?

And today comes the final step in Miley’s matriculation. A second video has emerged ...

... a much less official one, courtesy of TMZ. The video was shot last summer, during the wrap party for "The Last Song." In what appears to be surreptitiously shot footage, Miley does some serious grinding with her 45-year-old producer, Adam Shankman.

For the record, it’s how millions of teenage girls dance at private parties when they know their parents aren’t around. But for Cyrus, who got famous splitting her time between a Disney kids show and proclaiming her love for Jesus on Twitter, the video is an official scandal.

Mazel tov, Miley! Our little girl has struggled for months to prove she really is teen jailbait, and now she’s finally proved it. Let’s celebrate with another party! Don’t forget your camera phone.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Miley Cyrus with boyfriend-costar Liam Hemsworth, left, and producer Adam Shankman at the premiere of "The Last Song" in Hollywood on March 25, 2010. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images. 

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yawwwnnn...more video vamp-droid crap...this time from Miley...how very breakthrough...NOT!

Umm...I think the shocking part is from the adult. She's feeling great about being sexy and he's taking advantage. Gross.

Hey, she sounds like she smokes a couple of packs a day. She is also looking borderline skankie. The thrill is gone.

I honestly wonder if she will even bother to wait until she's 18 before she releases a sex tape. I would not put it past her to find some country somewhere in this world where it is not illegal for her to make an X rated video to leak onto the internet. Even Linday, Paris, and Britney waited until they were of legal age to flash their vaginas to the world.

I used to think there was nothing Billy Ray Cyrus could do to erase the trashy horror of "Achy Breaky Heart" from our collective consciousness. But he found a way.

"First she spent a few unfortunate seconds next to a pole during a Teen Choice Awards performance..."

Actually, first she had that weird photo session with Annie Leibovitz in 2008. At least, I haven't heard of anything else scandalous about her prior to that incident. One should have no doubt that this young woman wants to express her sensual side.

Jamie Foxx was right as rain about this one.

CALL CPS, they seem to poke their nose in everyone else's business, her BF is over age,and now this, COME ON... DO YOUR JOB, ruin someones life who has Money!!!! Do it I dare you!

she's grinding with gay adam shankman. big deal.

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog -- FYI, no cussing in comments, and no slurs. If you're not seeing your comment go live, it's probably for one of those reasons.


Ahhh poor Miles' all she wants is to grow up but what she doesn't realise is that no adult would shame themselves by grinding an old man. She just looks like the stubborn little brat everyone says she is... Lamb dressed as mutton.

Congrats Miley you look like a desperate 20-something who will wither away in a nightgclub (Lindsay Lohan anyone?). Woo all grown up and making us all so proud of your new found maturity. Idiot.

Shankman may be gay but that shouldn't make him exepmt from common law and morals. She is 16... He is 44. Gross, wrong. He has taken full advantage of her attempts to shed her 'good girl' image and yet he isn't the one being chastised. Miley may THINK she's old enough but lets face it, she is a child and he is a dirty old pervert.

this is like sexual harrasment.
except he should charge against her!

Miley was 16, she didn't know any better. What was that older man's excuse?

At first i was super grossed out but then i found out that the man is gay. seriously, that completely changes things for me. i mean, i make such sexual jokes and gestures to my girl friends and gay guy friends. grinding on one of them wouldn't be weird at all. let her have some fun without spying.

Message to Miley: The mature thing is to realize, that even though you are at a wrap party for your "first serious non-HM movie", that it's still a working event; be professional. Have fun but always be aware of your surroundings. You're not at your girlfriend's house party. The director was your boss while shooting the movie, not your boyfriend and he should have known better as well. That's how you show the world that you are maturing. Oh, and if you plan on going the sexy route, as you seem to be. Please, Please, Please, hit the gym!! You look so out of place in your own video dancing with lean well-toned bodies. Get rid of the baby-fat 'cause just wearing dark eyeshadow and an expensive bustier isn't going to cut it! You are a cute girl, but you don't have "natural" sex appeal, it seems forced. But maybe that's because YOU'RE ONLY 17!

Okay so I know and understand that she wants to be normal and crap ... And my guess she is trying to prove that she's not like Hannah Montana or what ever but ... My god does this girl now the difference from a bigger on the edge role and total stank?!?

I am one of the biggest Miley Cyrus fans... And I've ignored the simple stuff and figure shed be christian enough to see her self and the crap she's doing ... I just don't now if can let myself be a fan of hers anymore... Which really upsets me...

So much for my role modle :/

she is a spoiled, arrogant slutty brat & people who say every teen does this does not make it right. Her parents are a big fail as parents and should be ashamed of how they failed to dicipline and train their daughter with good morals and better behaviour. As for Shankman - yes he is guilty and should have known better & should never have danced this disgusting dance with an underage girl, but where were her parents? & there was talk that she was drunk - hello - I repeat where were her parents? A disgusting example for young people to use as an excuse to do the same. & I don't care how rich she is, that is no excuse for her actions and every action has a consequence in life - usually bad actions have bad consequense. Miley keeps complaining that she is not a child and she thinks she is an adult, well then she should start acting like a responsible adult and not the spoiled brat that she is.

ok so he is gay. does that mean he and her get a free pass. if this was a regular 40 yr old man going this to an underage girl that wouldn't happen. yep, here comes the next lindsay lohan.

It could only be complained about in america . most other western countries would let the girl grow up without the leeches making money off of her. thats the point she is so rich 100's of millions and famous the leeches like this artical suck hard .. go miley ..

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog ... no profanity includes "no abbreviated profanity," "no acronym profanity" and "no cuss words with ast*risks or d-shes in them.

If your comment's not going live, that's probably why.


miley cyrus rox she is the best singer in the world who cares what she does get over it its her life and the so just leve miley alone and let her do what she wants luv u soo much miley u rox xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo

you can watch same type of girls for free grinding away on all the porn sites on the internet so what is so special about her doing it...just like being at a nudist camp,.,gets old and boring real fast and so will she but not before she makes a few million more.

If the wrap party was in California, it's a crime to record video or audio in private, even at a party, without the consent of those who you are recording. Cal Penal Code 630-637.9.

Wow MileyCyrus can't be tamed soooooo cool, i love her new look. m her biggest fan

I love miley i love all her style m so glad that she is now releasing new album m so glaaaaad......


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