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Beyonce + Tom Jones + multiple Cosmos = Liza Minnelli's 'Single Ladies' cover for SATC2

May 21, 2010 |  3:58 pm

Liza Minnelli has done a cover of "Single Ladies" for "Sex and the City 2."

~~ Pause to let that sink in, and take the moment very seriously, so you can imagine possible results ~~

Now remind yourself of how adorable the girl chipmunks were in their cover of Kanye West's favorite music video of all time. And how adorable Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel and the "Glee" football team were in their respective versions. And what a fine job that Justin Timberlake fellow did with his little friend Andy Samberg Sandler backing Beyonce on "SNL."

You might want to witness this football team from right over in Glendale. Heck, you could even check out this guy in a leotard -- though he might very well be stark raving mad.

Now make sure you're sitting down.

Click "play," above. No dancing, just the vocals.

Let us know your thoughts in comments.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

(Hat tip to Vanity Fair.)

[For the record., May 22, 2010: A previous version of this post said that Adam Sandler was in the "SNL" parody video, when in fact it was Andy Samberg. Rock back on your heels now and enjoy it while the blogger beats her head against the wall ... thanks to commenter Megan for the catch.//cdz]