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Lindsay Lohan makes bail, freeing up media's Friday morning

Lilo-cannes-web Alas, the Drama Llama will go without any supercharged celebrity fodder Friday morning.

Dreams of gossipy goodness (it's embarrassing, but we were imagining a waifish, shocked, sunglasses-wearing Lindsay Lohan slammed onto a preferably vintage cop car and cuffed as soon as she landed on Los Angeles soil) were dashed Thursday afternoon after her representatives made bail on her behalf, short-circuiting the bench warrant for her arrest issued earlier in the day.

The judge said at the time that LiLo could stay out of jail on bail until her court date --  as long as the actress avoids alcohol, wears a SCRAM bracelet and agrees to submit to random drug testing. So, yeah, cool. TMZ says Lohan and her lawyer are due in court at 8:30 a.m. Monday to set a date for the probation violation hearing.

As L.A. Now reports it, the judge had a notion that Lohan should have left just a leetle wiggle room to get home from France in time for court -- or perhaps should have skipped the Cannes jaunt entirely.

Now, if that's not crazy talk right there, who knows what is.

If by "crazy talk" you mean common sense, that is.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan arrives for an event May 17, 2010, during the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival in France, which is a really long plane flight away from Beverly Hills court. Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

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WHY does she always have the same look on her face? its like someone threw something at her and she's trying to figure out who.

Why does she need to be at the film festival anyhow? It's not as if she were actually in a film.

Regardless of all the gossip about Ms.Lohan, couldn't the judge have moved the hearing back for several days and permitted her to prove that she lost her passport? Sounds like a judge who wants publicity.

I'm concerned that LiLo's counsel didn't find her law degree under a rock. There's an excuse for everything.

Preferrential treatment for stupid starlet who's gonna do it again, doubtlessly - anyone else would have been held accountable that LL, but the judge got hynotised by her being ohhhhhhhh.... a movie star. And if someone still has doubts that Polansky was treated (AND STILL IS) with velvet gloves at the time, we are talking about delusional people -

Was anyone surprised? If Paris Hilton only spent the briefest amount of time in a jail cell, why did anyone get their hopes up that Lindsay Lohan would actually be treated like an ordinary citizen? I'm mildly curious about who pays for her to go to and stay in Cannes, which I know I couldn't afford to do, and who's footing the bill for her lawyer, when she appears to spend money like it's going out of style and has no apparent source of income.

Again, just another example of how the CA justic system gives celebrities and people with money and power a pass. She needs to seek help, not party in Cannes. This judge needs to do what's right for her and force her to go and stay in rehab.

She've run far far away. Government, media, and her ex con dad wanted to throw lindsay lohan in jail and force her to obey the law. Soon, She will be like wonna ryder, paris, martha, and other jailed celebrities in california.

She's runn.... run.... runnn...
Yeah. people can't wait to tune up LIVE FOX Channel for Lindsay lohan's jail time.

Please just lock the milk-holic skank up once and for all!!! That coke-headed prostitute will never rehabilitate herself...she's forever and truly a MESS!! Let the skank hit rock bottom..hard!

she looks old. She should go to jail like everyone else.


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