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Lady Gaga's latest costume an ode to street sweepers?

There are times when we at  Ministry of Gossip are speechless. It's a rarity. We can usually find a morsel of words on any topic. But the picture below, of Lady Gaga during a concert in Nottingham, England, on Thursday, left our brains going, well, gaga. While we try to recover, we challenge you to find the words for us and write a caption in our comments section to accompany this image:


-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo credit: Splash News Online

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Hello, I'm Cousin Itt's long lost sister.

when cousin it meets bleach lol

She tries to be so different but she just does these really retarded costumes. Who wants to watch her perform in that? Cousin It or a hairy jelly fish came to my mind. Smh.


"Lion King, 3-D? I'm ready!"

Oops! Just came out of the car wash machine...

Another classic 70s cartoon recreated in live action...Captain Caaaavewomaaaann!

PA: "Lady Gaga, Telephone!" - LG: "I'm kinda busy, K-Kinda Busy."

The muppet Sweetums finally has a ladyfriend.

15 minutes must be up, Lady Gaga is turning back into Andy Warhol.

Wow, that's almost as bad as her "Gimp" suit from "Bad Romance." I was in Las Vegas last month and it was playing everywhere from the clubs to the gas station & the men's room. LVPD wrote me a ticket for not playing it in my rental car.

At least in this outfit, she might clean up The Strip!

Gossamer's twin!

Sharky, furry, jumped

didn't know eva gabor did full-length flokati rugs for wymyn

Lady Gaga redefines big hair.

"it" from the Adams Family.

Possible side effects of the new drug Narcissican include hairy tooth syndrome, bucket head malady, peep hole sickness, chicken leg or severe "air headedness." Notify your doctor immediately if, like the woman in this photo, you suffer all symptoms at the same time.

Thankfully, it covers her face and muffles her voice.

Sigmund the Sea Monster!

Lady GaGa meets H.R.Puff N' Stuff as Sigfreid the Sea Monster

Cousin It, 2.0

"The Abominable Smurf"

Love is like a lint brush. And I have so much love....

Talk about someone screaming (or sweeping?) for attention!

Caught in My Little Pony's Tail

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