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Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene playing hardball over two-part 'Breaking Dawn'? [poll]

Kellan-web Summit Entertainment and "Twilight" fans may be learning how problematic it can be to add just one more after getting a good deal on that first four-pack. 

The studio's "Breaking Dawn" problem: Some of the names further down the cast list -- think Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene -- aren't yet on board for the end of the sweeping saga, THR Esq. reports.

Though fans may like the idea of a fifth "Twilight" installment, with the "Breaking Dawn" book in two parts instead of one, the parties involved aren't exactly loving contract negotiations for a fifth film, THR Esq. says. Makes sense -- with only four books in the saga, a fifth movie wasn't anticipated until writers started turning "Breaking Dawn" into a screenplay, and at that point the notion of higher paychecks became a reality.

Says THR Esq:

"[W]e're told that the offers from Summit -- which are said to be at least 10 times what the actors made on the first movie -- were deemed 'offensive' given the mega-money the franchise has generated."

Ashley-greene-web2  Fifth-film deals are nearly done for leads Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, THR Esq. says as well as director Bill Condon. But with everyone's salaries far more than they were for the first four films, Summit is looking at a very different budget than the  franchise began with. It's even possible that filming might move from Vancouver to Louisiana, MTV reports, to save money. 

In the wake of their "Twilight" success, Lutz has a lot of projects hopping and Greene has a few -- but will these Cullen kids become the next Rachelle LeFevre, whose role went to Bryce Dallas Howard after Summit decided the original actress wasn't worth the money demanded?

And if that happens, how would fans react?

Weigh in on our unscientific online poll, if you would ...

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Kellan Lutz attends a Cosmopolitan party in New York in March. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press

Bottom photo: Ashley Greene in February during Milan Fashion Week. Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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I'm not surprised that Kellan and Ashley are holdingout for more money. Both are major famewhores who equate acting with how times one get papped in a week.

I'm sure they are getting rasies within reason and they need to learn not to bit the hand that feeds them.

If push comes to shove i say Summit should just fire both of them and add the money to the production.

End the Twilight series soon...Hollywood already sucked the life out of it anyways....mainly it just sucked big time!

I won't miss these 2. They can go away i don't care. I was a big fan of ashley but im not anymore. She is just a famewhore a wannabe celebrity. She has a small part in breaking dawn . Good riddance.

I think that that they need to realize that they are not lead roles, though they are important. They are not having a ton of other deals lining up like the other lead actors, so there for really have no reason to be all greedy!! We all know how that turned out for her in New Moon! They need to break down and do the films, they are getting more than what they did for the first three films and at least they have jobs. There are a ton of people in this country losing there jobs, houses, and lives and they are mad cause they are not getting the exact million they want, REALLY! come on now!!!

i think summit sould give them no more money thay r not the main peolpe so why r thay trying this i think thay r great people for the part and i love him but this is not a movie about him its about there love he didnt even have a big part in the frist 2 movie so it not going to be hard to replace him but her (alice) hard she was in it alot in new moon so it going to be heard to with out people knowing


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