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Justin Bieber does not ride with regular people at Six Flags

Bieber-bunny Even with challenges like managing the fallout over a red carpet photo with Kim Kardashian, pop star Justin Bieber still finds time to be a kid.

The 16-year-old singer of "Baby" took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia on Saturday.

Except unlike every other kid, Bieber gets to skip the lines and ride alone with his entourage.

The Pop & Hiss blog has the full story of Bieber getting the star treatment at the amusement park. And yes, it does involve people screaming.

This kid is living a childhood fantasy.

-- Mark Milian

Photo: Justin Bieber and Bugs Bunny. Credit: WireImage

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My how special (with sarcasm)! Little Leif Garrett will be forgotten soon when the next little Donny Osmond is presented to the public or when he reaches puberty and his voice sounds like Arnold Horseshack...

I was at six flags at the same time he was there.I was waiting to get into x2 for like an hour and when i was about to get on he came and they shut down the whole ride!!i was so excited to meet him!!

Iam 17 years old.

im going 2 six flags next week on feburay 19, 0r 20 with my friends for my birthday we going in the moring and staying til 12:00 or 7:00 p.m i hope he is going 2 be there i we be happy to see him up close


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