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Kim Kardashian enters the dangerous world of Justin Bieber [poll]

Kim-and-bieber Death threats? Really? 

According to Kim Kardashian, she's gotten a few from Justin Bieber fans who were upset over the picture at right and the Twitter banter that followed.

Again, really? As if knocking his mom over wasn't enough?

The two famous people met and posed together Saturday night before the White House Correspondents Assn. dinner in Washington, D.C., and afterward on Twitter, Bieber posted a shot of the two and called the 29-year-old his "girlfriend."

Kim and greta

This apparently made some not-so-famous people's brains explode to the point at which they began sending threatening messages to Kardashian. Bieber on Wednesday sent a "please chill" tweet to his fans, one or 700 of whom likely thought he was tweeting directly to them.

Incidentally, Kardashian also posed Saturday night with Greta Van Susteren and tweeted that Van Susteren was her "date," The Ministry is unaware, however, of any Greta groupies who were stirred into a violent frenzy by that Twitpic.

Take a good, long look at the picture of Kim and the Biebs. How does it make you feel? If it makes you FEEL REALLY CRAZY, please don't tell anyone you saw it here.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Right photo: Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber at the TIME/CNN/People/Fortune party before the White House Correspondents' Assn. dinner on Saturday in Washington, D.C. Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images for Time Inc.

Left photo: Kardashian and Greta Van Susteren arrive at MSNBC's after-party.  Credit: Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

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i think fans are over reacting over thiz Justin can date who ever he wants i think Justins fans need to stopp or thiz will get all bad for Justin i mean im a fan to buhhtt i wont get mad if he dates another chick anywho i love u juustin nd remeber itz ur decision

Okay, I am a huge Justin Bieber fan, but I won't be mad if he hugs another girl. It's not like him and Kim Kardashian are together or anything. He's famous, its normal for him to be in contact with other famous people. I completly absouletly adore and love justin bieber. I would not threaten Kim Kardashian just because they hugged. If you did take this over the top then that just means your way too over protective and besides he's not even yours. I love justin bieber but don't hate because your not her. If you were justin bieber's girlfriend, would you get mad at him just for hugging someone famous or a friend thats a girl???? It's not really a big deal. But at the same time, I do kinda wish I was her. Since I love him. I would do anything just to hug him. But come on, don't be mad at Kim. I love you Justin Bieber!!!!!

That's imature it's illegal for them to even date so what are ppl going crazy ? I'm a fan of jb but really? Grow up! Half of the world is carzie ofber him and won't even get to go to a concert. The other half will. And one lucky girl will marrie him. And the even luckier who get to fate him, and the girls who get to meet him. He's an average teen! He has a talent like I'm sure all of us do' his just made him fanouse! Don't obbses and have it be enough to listen to his music and look at his posters. <3 love from a distance. Ok? It's really crazy!

I think it's fine. I know that Justin Bieber isn't dating Kim Kardashian. It's obvious they're just friends. But yeah, it does upset fans (including myself) to see Justin Bieber with another girl. But what the heck? Let the BOY be a BOY! But it would make a big whoop if I heard he was dating her. Also, it'd be more likely for him to date someone around his age! Anyways, I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER<3.

This makes no sense I mean the girl that Justin Bieber kissed in his music video Baby was harassed the same way when she posted youtube videos. Like seriously I am a 15 year old girl and I have to admit Justin Bieber is quite cute and hey he's from where I grow up everyday but come on it's not like anyone will ever actually get a chance to date Justin Bieber! I mean knocking down his mother that was tottally disrespectful and unneccesary. I hope Justin Bieber does not stop producing his music over this minor mishap :(


Cougar Kardashian on the prowl...Demi is seething...

Hey Justin Boo

Oh wow... I am a hugee justin bieber fan. I mean i listen to him everyday and when i see hm i scream but seriously?He has the rights to do whatever.If he is happy his fans should be happy(:But yeh ily justin bieber!

What is this world coming to? Lady Gaga and other pop stars are satanists? I think people really need to chill. This seems like a harmless picture if two people meeting and taking a pic together. They are eachothers fan. And the "girlfriend" joke? Ok Everyone should know he is not serious. Give me a break people. Obviously they have no lives so they have to find something else to bitch about.

kim is just mad that reggie found somebody younger so she goes and finds somebody way younger,come on kim grow up stop playing with jb emotions find somebody your own age

please will someone tell me what is kim's talent to make her so famous besides the fact of making an poor example of a porn tape with ray-jay i guess now its jb turn since my new man mr.reggie bush does'nt want her,sorry sweetie!!!!!!

Kim K.know she dont want no little white boy! he's gonna get his heart broken.


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