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Winnie Mandela no fan of planned biopic starring Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer hudson winnie mandela And Winnie Mandela is telling you, Jennifer Hudson, that she doesn't want this movie going forward.

The ex-wife of South African leader Nelson Mandela has taken issue with "Winnie," an upcoming biopic starring Hudson and Terrence Howard. Reports say Mandela, maiden name Madikizela, isn't fond of how she's painted in the script.

"We don't shy away from the controversies," said director Darrell Roodt, adding that the film is "not for Winnie Mandela, it’s about Winnie Mandela."

Though the matriarch's lawyers fear the project is a veiled "character assassination," the film producers insist the two-and-a-half-month shoot will start May 31.

"If it wasn't for Winnie Mandela, South Africa would have been a vastly different place...it's the ultimate women's movie," Roodt said.

The real Winnie isn't a happy camper, but Hudson herself was all smiles in Cannes on Sunday, looking svelte and happy at a photo call for the flick, with costar Howard in tow. 

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Jennifer Hudson is a blue belle at the "Winnie" photo call. Credit: WireImage

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The reason Winnie Mandela is just a side show is that she was a very real player in quest for black rights in South Africa (the ANC). The sources I read claimed she was a leader prone to order violence -- mostly violence to keep ranks within the revolution. Look up the horrible term "necklacing" in wikipedia. They even mention Winnie by name.

In summary: this woman doesn't fit well into the South African narrative and therefore is being (rightfully?) cast out. Any truthful depiction of her would be totally countercultural.

If I was Winnie Mandela, I'd be more concerned about the casting of Jennifer Hudson than I would be about whether the film is a character assassination. I'd want an actress who could actually play me convincingly. Ditto for Nelson Mandela (assuming Terrence Howard is playing him).

They might as well wait til she's dead and gone...then make the movie...

I think it's WRONG for anyone to play a character role of the person who is the real star.... in this case, Winnie Mandela. Her wishes should be RESPECTED because we, as Americans, do not and could never understand how this movie can negatively impact Winnie. I think Winnie's desire to not have the movie be about her should be RESPECTED. Women in Africa are still seen and treated as 2nd class citizens by men and especially by the government officials, police and military. We are trying to honor Winnie but this movie could actually spark a backlash against her.

You know, someone's argument can be total lunacy but by using the CAPS LOCK, it instantly makes their argument something which should be RESPECTED. Many think CAPS LOCK is WRONG, but it is a RESPECTED part of the keyboard and we should honor it.

Excuse me, Winnie Mandela is the 'real star'? Do you have any knowledge about this woman who ruled as a sovereign when her husband was jailed on Robben Island for years on end and who took justice into her own hands? Just because the ex-Mrs. Mandela is 'an African woman' (whatever that may mean with 52 different countries and even more tribes making up the continent) doesn't mean that she's excused from the cruelness and arrogance of her 'regime'. Winnie Madikizela is no saint, so any attempt to depict her in a hagiography is laughable.

I wonder if they will have the bit about the dead kid in her car - Stompie, i think was his name. Or will they get 'conveniently' left out.



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