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Gwyneth Paltrow on 'Ellen': Mum on Madonna, but not about daughter Apple's Beyonce ambitions

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow surfaced on Ellen DeGeneres' show Thursday afternoon, a welcome return after a six-year absence from the host's couch.

"What did I do to you? Why? I've been ostracized," Paltrow joked with the "Idol" judge, asking whether DeGeneres ever makes it to her and Chris Martin's hometown of London.

"Yeah," Ellen said, "I come on Sunday afternoons when I'm off. On my free day I come to London."

Paltrow keeps busy with rocker Martin and their two kids, Apple and Moses, who on the star's watch are developing artsy little personalities.

Apple's long-term goals? "She either wants to do concerts like Beyonce, or be a baker." 

The Paltrow-Martins are indeed pals with B and her man, Jay-Z. The other famous names on Gwyneth's "just drop by" list -- think, oh, Madonna -- were not lost on Ellen.

"Madonna, she goes back and forth to Europe and sometimes she comes back, she sounds British," Ellen mused about Madge. Paltrow smiled curtly and said she saw Ellen's point.

"You're staying out of it, that's what you're doing," DeGeneres said. 

Paltrow's "Iron Man 2" hits theaters Friday.

-- Matt Donnelly

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Gwyneth needs to get her head out the clouds and come down to the ground, her statements are always not a realistic point but a spoilt celebrity kind


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