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Filmmakers say Lindsay Lohan was hard at work in Cannes

Lindsay lohan inferno

News of an atypical experience for Lindsay Lohan comes Tuesday -- filmmakers from her latest project are speaking out in defense of the young star.

Jonathan Fong of Muse Films, the production company behind "Inferno," in which Lohan is slated to play porn star Linda Lovelace, says the actress was hard at work during her trip to the Cannes International Film Festival.

"That was her role as the star, making press appearances in support of the movie. ... It helps to sell the movie to have her meet with the people who will fund the film," Fond tells Us magazine. 

We must imagine that, moving forward, Muse expects Lohan to retain custody of her passport during such occasions.

In better news for Lohan, "Inferno" won't shoot until the fall, allowing plenty of time for her newly awarded SCRAM bracelet to come off.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lindsay Lohan attends court on Monday with lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley. Credit: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press 

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bwahahahahaha! funny headline!...yes, dressing up to walk through the red carpet is such hard work...after that the milk-aholic bounces from party to party all coked up and drunk out of her mind and vomits wherever...it's all in a day's work...

Yea right, she was hard at work. They want her to play a washed up, white trash, drug addicted, prostitute, that tried to be a main stream actress but failed. What blind luck, won't have to pretend there.

When the term "hard at work" is used in the same sentence as Lindsay Lohan, you know that's a lie! Unless of course, being photographed partying with the same bunch of people she's known to hang out with in LA, alongside three lines of mysterious white powder counts as a press appearance.

Apparently, the studio behind her OTHER venture, that she was supposedly supposed to be shooting scenes for in Texas during the next few weeks has DENIED that such (re)shoots existed and that the movie is, in fact, FAR into post production.

LiLo...you're such a liar!

She just didn't want that ol' ankle bracelet to interfere with her boozing.

I think the sunglasses are way too large! She can't seem to
pull her head out of you know where to get her life on track.

It is too bad she can't get a job that pays just enough to keep on the lights and buy some canned goods and buy an occasion movie ticket. It might make her appreciate and hang on to her cush work life.

Lindsay needs to go away with or without her passport.

Hey Cisco....good to hear from you.

smoochie...thanks...never left...still around here posting on some news and celebrities...you know dogging on Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Moose-Killer Palin, the milk-aholic Lindsay, the very dull, untalented sex-kitten Britney, over-exposed,untalented Justin Timberlake & Bieber, the very untalented, useless Kate Gosselin, etc. ...glad you're back also...keep hammerin'!

Yea, having you're future lead actress wind up in front of the judge for a alcohol bracelet is a great way to secure financing!


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