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Fergie will make first post-scandal appearance on Oprah's show

Fergie oprah On the heels of this week's embarrassing pay-to-play scandal, comes word that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to clear the air. 

On Monday, Ferguson, a.k.a. Fergie, made headlines after she met with a journalist from the British paper News of the World who posed as a businessman looking for an introduction to the redhead's ex, Prince Andrew, in exchange for more than $700,000.

Fergie was videotaped offering cringe-inducing tidbits about her sad financial state. Although none of the activities were deemed illegal, there's major damage control to be done.

Where better to start than with Oprah?

Just a day after the scandal broke, Fergie flew to Los Angeles to accept honors from Variety International for her philanthropic work with underprivileged children.

"I learned today about making a difference. Most importantly, I learned I hate grownups and I love children," Fergie joked.

She's now in New York promoting her series of children's books, one titled "Ashley Learns About Strangers." We bet she has some insight there.

Winfrey herself made news Wednesday, announcing the dissolution of her charity, The Angel Network.

-- Matt Donnelly 

Photo: Sarah Ferguson in New York in September 2007. Credit: Associated Press

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of course she'll be on Oprah...Oprah is God!

I think Fergie is an embarrassment. No she didn't get the divorce settlement the late Princess of Wales got. But then again Diana made things matter. She was never out on the beach topless with her young children around while a man sucked her toes.
I'm sorry she has money troubles, but many of them are her own doing.
I don't respect her at all for what she did. How did she really know that reporter wasn't employed by someone that wanted to kill Andrew or her kids?
I don't agree with some things the royal family does, but in dumping Fergie they did a service. She should go away! I'm tire of this user.

Oprah? Of course, Oprah has sank also. It is time for her to go and last year she could have left with some dignity.

To The Duchess Fergie....you go girl. You have had a difficult life with people that have a rule against being for you at every turn. I'm just a Anerican that's Mom was from Cornwall. I believe in you......Hugs, Milli Brown

What else is new only a long list of scandals. Whatever happened to the good old days? Greed and corruption


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