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Betty White leaves 'SNL' better than she finds it [poll]

Betty White gave "Saturday Night Live" its best ratings in 18 months on a show that also featured the music of Jay-Z or, as a deadpan White teased in a promo, "Jaze."

Seems all those folks on Facebook knew what they were talking about -- even if they did wind up as monologue fodder. And even though not everybody loved the material.

White's monologue is above; to see a skit from dress rehearsal that didn't make the final broadcast, visit our friends over at Show Tracker. After the jump, experience video of Betty's legendary muffin -- the double entendres are beyond terrific.

The 88-year-old appeared in every sketch Saturday night -- check them out here, or watch the full show if you missed it.

Don't miss that muffin after the break ...

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Great seeing all the girls on SNL and Betty White was for sure the icing on the cake. She did super and I really adore her

Now let's make a run on Betty White for an EMMY!!!

Betty is a natural and I was so excited to see her in her element. When she used the F word I thought I would pee myself. lmao Lets see more of Betty

She'll receive a well deserved Emmy for this and that muffin skit (what a hoot!)...

People find that "muffin," skit funny? I mean, how basic was that skit? I mean I'd find that humor funny if I was 12 or so. Completely unoriginal humor.

It was great. Not only did Betty White totally rock SNL, but the returning cast members also helped kick it up.


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