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'American Idol' rewind: Jack Black's 'Kiss From a Rose'

May 12, 2010 |  5:50 pm

We were just checking out pop critic Ann Powers' review of Tuesday's "American Idol" show and were happily reminded of Jack Black's performance of "Kiss From a Rose" on the 2007 installment of "Idol Gives Back." So, right up above, there you have it. (But note that Black names the wrong Caped Crusader movie: The Seal song wasn't used in the Michael Keaton / Tim Burton "Batman Returns," but in the Val Kilmer / Joel Schumacher "Batman Forever.") 

Simon Cowell weighed in back then with, "You were better than Sanjaya," and Seal dug the performance as well -- we'll leave it up to you to decide how Black ranked against the song stylings of current contestant Lee DeWyze, who performed the tune Tuesday night without a shred of irony (probably because he's not Jack Black). 

-- Christie D'Zurilla