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Aaron Carter on Lindsay Lohan's legal woes: 'She deserves it'

Aaron_carter As Lindsay Lohan’s ankle adjusts to its new accessory, an ex-flame of the notorious starlet is getting some screen time.

Singer and former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Aaron Carter, who is no stranger to legal woes, had this to say when asked by a CNN interviewer what he thinks about Lohan’s latest brush with the law:

“She deserves it. I’m not gonna give any sympathy for somebody who makes mistakes. You need to take fault for your own actions in life.”

Oh, Aaron. Does that mean you’re finally ready to accept punishment for presenting the world with this travesty?

We’re sure Lohan is devastated to hear him say such things — that's, of course, assuming she cares. Not to worry, LiLo, at least the filmmakers behind your latest project are more enthusiastic about your brush with the law.

— Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Musicians Nick Carter and Aaron Carter at Hollywood's LAX nightclub in 2006. Credit: Getty Images

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"You need to take fault for your own actions in life?" I know what he means, but is that English?? PLEASE--Go back to school.

No sympathy? How about some compassion. Don't know what it means?? Look it up. AND GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!

kinda looks a hypocrit on coke to me....the way he talks and moves.....ya know?
just sayin.......

Sorry about Lindsay, but she really shows no respect for the law or those responsible for upholding it.Does she really think there are a thousand chances. Sooner or later it will catch up with you one way or the other.What does she think she can just keep doing things her way? Lindsay, other people watch what you do and you are being watched by younger people who want to know why you keep thumbing your nose at authority. Beginning with your parents and now its the judge or whomever has you interpret the laws to you. Yes maybe the ankle bracelet will work but probably its going to take longer term encarceration before you really get the whole seriousness of your lack of respect. You already have examples for you. Unfortunately, most of them are in cemeteries. Get the picture.

a true waste of humanity

I agree that Lindsay Lohan needs considerable jail time, almost certainly more than just a few months, to "scare her straight", but she probably won't get it because she just might be able to buy her way out of it somehow.

In fact, her "parents" need at least a harsh talking to as well. I'm convinced that they're at least as much to blame for what's happened to Lindsay as Lindsay herself is. For years now, she has been allowed to do pretty much as she pleased, with her ridiculous mother, Dina, justifying it by saying that Lindsay is just "being young" and "having a good time". Sounds a lot like Billy Ray Cyrus' ignorant "All kids her age do it" comment about Miley's recent reckless, irresponsible behavior.

Showbiz kids...

Who is Aaron Carter? I never heard of him. I guess it's lucky for him that Lindsay is in trouble, because now he gets to be famous again, although I have no idea what he was famous for before.

Taken from one coke-head to another...well the milk-aholic will evenutally wind up in the gutter...lock her up dammit!


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