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Tiger Woods and Tiki Barber -- the game goes on

Tiger caddy So Tiger Woods is doing great so far at the Masters -- and the Internet is doing yeoman's work mocking what Deadspin calls his "zombie Earl Woods commercial." Click here to see some of the Nike ad parodies, but do it soon -- the videos seem to be dropping like flies as they get popped for copyright violations. 

Deadspin also offers a field guide to having an affair with younger-women-not-your-wife, evaluating the works of Tiki Barber and Tiger Woods, and giving a shout-out to Tom Brady because, you know, he picked Gisele Bundchen.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tiger Woods hands clubs to caddy Steve Williams during the first round of the Masters in Augusta, Ga., on March 8, 2010. Credit: Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images. 

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Tiki Barber is just another loser. He fell in love with himself . . . he is no better than the father he bad mouths for also having affairs and leaving his mother. The shining light will be Ronde Barber. Too bad the good twin couldn't convince the bad twin, Tiki, that what he was doing was wrong. Ginny deserved better. Then you have Traci Mistress Johnson who had her father convinced she was 'babysitting'! Too funny . . . Tiki was babysitting her and payment was likely all the sex he wanted. She is no better than Stephanie Birkitt, Brooke Hundley, Michelle McGee, Rachel Uchitel and all the other women who have been wh*res to the rich and famous. Did Johnson even think about the wife and two sons she was hurting? Did it occur to her during their two or three year affair that he was also sexually active with his wife, no matter what he said, as she didn't get pregnant with twins on her own. Johnson will have her 15 minutes of fame and then no one will want to hire her, befriend her . . . she is just one of what will be Tiki's women in the years ahead. Wonder what daddy Johnson is saying now. Disgusting human beings. The best to Ginny and her sons and soon to be precious twins. The world is behind you.

These two are sad excuse for a human being

Why did you pick the two "black" guys? Didn't Jesse James cheat on Sandra with many women? What about John Edwards and his illegitimate child? Your true colors are showing when it comes to race.

@Eleanor -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the Ministry with a quick explanation of "why these two men" in this post.

There was just no new or relevant news or news-related discussion about Jesse James or John Edwards on Friday. Tiger is in the news because of his returns to golf; Tiki is in the news because, well, he left his wife and word came out over the course of this week.

Deadspin, which is a sports blog, chose to write about two athletes (albeit one retired) -- James and Edwards are many things, but they are not athletes. This is why Tom Brady was mentioned; Tom Brady is white. My headline referencing "the game" suggests the commonality of sports between Tiki and Tiger.

If you'd like to read MOG posts about Jesse James, click this link.


If you'd like to read MOG posts about John Edwards, click this link.


I did not select the topics of this post by the color of their skin.


Tiger, Tiki, Jesse, et.al. welcome to the Cheating Guys Club...

this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with race. Men regularly cheat on their wives all over the world, most without consequences. the difference in america is that there IS consequences and the men who are publicly shamed for their actions. However, the women who cheated with them SHOULD BE shamed as well instead of getting 15 minutes of glory.


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