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Sex lawsuit shuts down Steven Seagal's reality show

Is what first sounded like a racy novel shaping up into something more for Steven Seagal? Or will dueling lawyers simply make both sides look bad?

The lawyer for Kayden Nguyen told RadarOnline that in the wake of a lawsuit filed Monday, more women have come forward and submitted sworn declarations alleging inappropriate sexual behavior by the actor.

Nguyen, a model (or perhaps former model) who appeared on Tyra Banks' talk show in early 2009 claiming to be a lipstick lesbian, is suing Seagal for $1 million, alleging he hired her as an assistant and then treated her like a "sex toy" after flying her out to his New Orleans-area home.

In response to the suit, Seagal's lawyer fired off a letter essentially telling Nguyen to shut up, reminding her and her attorney that she'd signed a confidentiality agreement -- with $50,000 worth of liability attached -- when she took the job with the actor, CBS reports

Rolling back the clock, CBS Crimesider confirmed a 1998 interview with Movieline magazine in which Jenny McCarthy said Seagal had asked her to strip during an audition; McCarthy's people said she had no further comment now.

Also production was shut down this week on the A&E reality show "Steven Seagal Lawman" after the police department involved decided his troubles would be a distraction for their operation. We did, however, find at least one solid argument that the "distraction" would be good entertainment.

That's the story so far. Now for your viewing pleasure, we present video above of Seagal running like a girl, with a hat tip to Movieline.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. The Ministry coincidentally caught a rerun of Tyra's episode featuring "The Gay Kingdom" social experiment. Kayden Nguyen was crowned queen. 

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"The lawyer for Kayden Nguyen told RadarOnline" There went the plaintive's credibility.


Steven Segal should know he is potentially a target for every gold digging actress or model who signs-up with him. Sexual Harassment, if confirmed, is not a criminal offense unless there is force or assault involved. So, it could be shake-down time for Steven Segal. He will end up having to settle with Ms. Nuygen inorder to close the matter and be able to restart his reality show "Lawman".

Once someone woman or man decides to go after a celebrity the rest of the pirahans come. The smell of blood, I quess. If the on actress really had that happen then she should of said something right then and there, not years later!!

This girl is claiming to be a "lipstick lesbian." Another words, she is just another girl who has daddy issues or hates or fears men for whatever reason. I smell a rat...a girl looking to cash in on something that happened that probably wasn't nearly as bad or inappropriate as she's making it out to be.

I believe Stephen is one of todays best standing actor and gentleman. This in clearly a shake down, in the name of greed. Stephen works hard for his money, let him enjoy it for goodness sake!

He could have any of a million Models. Sounds like she is exploiting her situation for money; one where she manipulated around for 72 hours. Everyone is out for a quick cent; (money,money,money)!

what is this? why would he do something that that? comenow really, hang in there steven, susie stassi


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