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Robert Downey Jr. at the 'Iron Man 2' premiere, on the film's appeal to women

Showing off his always quirky fashion sense, Robert Downey Jr. arrived in style at the premiere of his new film, "Iron Man 2," in Hollywood on Monday night. Donning a typical pair of funky shades and a faux flower in his lapel, Downey talked to reporters outside the El Capitan Theatre about reprising the role of Tony Stark.

So why does he think the first film was such a hit?

"Well, I know that a big part of it was that we were able to do what most of these genre films can't do, which is appeal to women and younger gals," he told us as we fought to get in a question among a pool of reporters on the red carpet. "And we didn't necessarily design it that way. I think part of it was always in the fabric of the 'Iron Man' story. I know that people said Stan Lee said that 'Iron Man' got more female fan mail than all the other superheroes put together -- probably because he's a bit more vulnerable and reminds them of their snotty boyfriends that they wish to calm down."

After seeing the film, we don't know how vulnerable Stark really is, but he certainly does remind us of a couple of obnoxious suitors we've dated who have needed to be reined in.

And what was it like reteaming with director Jon Favreau?

"We're like bunk mates at theater camp," he grinned. "It's ridiculous."

-- Amy Kaufman

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Great to hear Robert Downey Jr..and that Iron Man 2 has finally arrived,
I'll be excited to see the film May 7th.

Thanks and kudos to the Los Angeles Times and blogs for the excellent coverage of this film, it's cast members and interviews.
Thanks Robert, Jon and cast for a fun film.

Holy cow! Did you see Robert light up when that blonde chick walked up? That`s a whole lotta lovin going on soon there folks!

How grand a Grand Opening Iron Man 2 was, most likely it was better than
Britain could have ever offered...

Recently I wished Mr. Hugh Hefner a Happy Birthday, I wanted to say what
a wonderful gesture he made to help save the Hollywood Sign..a real class act
Mr. Hefner. thank you x


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