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Reports: Bullock divorce filing near, James ditches rehab

Bullock mug Let's get up to date on the latest speculation in the sad saga of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

RadarOnline places Bullock on the verge of filing for divorce, and says the couple's prenup includes a no-money-if-you-cheat caveat. Of course, nothing's official till papers hit the court, and we haven't seen any court filing yet, nor have we seen a copy of the prenup.

James reportedly left rehab in Arizona, the New York Post says, supposedly after Bullock wouldn't take his phone call. If Us magazine's story about nasty phone fights is true, could you blame her? 

Incidentally, some of the worst paparazzi images ever emerged last week when Sandra headed to Holmby Hills to visit another human being.

A moving truck was seen for about an hour Friday outside the Orange County home shared by the couple, TMZ reported, and items including a couch, a love seat and "tons of boxes" were removed. James' mom was also spotted at the home. 

As always, we'll keep you posted.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Sandra Bullock arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on March 7, 2010, in West Hollywood. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press. 

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People are now saying that he has checked himself back into the rehab facility. Regardless of divorce or whatever, James needs help since his actions scream self-destructive behavior. I actually think that he does love Bullock and I don't believe that it is ok to stomp on someone when they are down which is what the media is doing to James. Many people both famous and not famous screw up royally and though they may deserve to lose their marriage, etc., many of these people are hard-working mistake making regular people. We all know that many men (and some women) have affairs while married and that does not mean they are not good parents or employers/employees/friends. They do need other help to see about the ramifications of their actions and the hurt it causes others.

It's just sad. But why would she stay with him after he has publicly proven that he cares about himself most of all. Cheating since weeks after their marriage? And why? He was bored? She was on set? wah wah wah. It seems that everyone that knows them thinks he was an incredibly lucky man to have met and married Sandra. She has alot of class, and I cannot see her allowing that in her life. I actually feel bad for Jesse...but he deserves what he asked for. And he didn't stop accepting, or asking for what he wanted. Well done, Jess.

How would a pre-nup no money if you cheat clause work against the wealthier of the two?

James ditches rehab? I can see it right now. First, he punches a male nurse and scales a six foot wall to escape from the rehab facility. Then he hops on his chopper and is tearing across the Arizona desert, crying, saying , "Sandra, big daddy luvs ya. Here I come."

Right Jesse. Here you come, there she goes. The free ride is over my friend.

I'm rooting for Sandra! She is a strong woman who will do the right thing and lose this awful backstabbing cheater. Jesse James is a deplorable, self-absorbed bully who should stick to his own kind. Come to think of it I still cannot understand how she ever hooked up with him. I never understood that.

The whole tawdry thing simultaneously bores AND nauseates me... the latter portion because I'm sickened that anyone would -even for a split second- consider cheating on THE penultimate female (on Earth & for all time) even for a mere FRACTION of a minuscule parsec . Simply put, Jesse James must have had his brains surgically replaced by a few rocks. I mean why ELSE would he have done such a truly silly thing?

Poor Sandra should run & never look back. He doesnt' haven't a clue what love is even if it smacked him in the face. I feel sorry for his kids, Sandra was the only stable parent those kids had. Sunny was 1 when Sandra when came into the picture so she has been her stable mother figured & now she may be taken out of the equation. It is a crime when men only think of themselves & forget about how their actions are going to affect the others in their lives.

Why would tatoo queen think that Sandra Bullock would want
to waste her time talking to her- does she think Sandra wants to add to her 2 minutes of fame- she is disgusting


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