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PREACH IT! Kate Gosselin ends one PR disaster, preps for another [poll]

Kate-gosselin-dwts After existing in an almost zombie-like state of stubborn death defiance, Kate Gosselin has been axed from "Dancing With the Stars."

Her participation was a originally seen as a great chance to burnish her image; after all, when Mario Lopez did "DWTS" several years ago, it relaunched his career as an adorable hunk. For Gosselin’s part, she even tried turning up the sympathy factor by saying, in interview after interview, that she was doing the show solely to earn money for her kids.

But instead of working in her favor, Gosselin’s entire "DWTS" stint backfired -- and badly. Viewers loathed Gosselin’s dancing style -- which came closer to creeping about like a leery house cat -- and her attitude; much hay has been made about Gosselin’s berating of her pro, Tony Dovolani, during rehearsals. As for Gosselin’s insistence that her kids were her focus, the statements came off as little more than ham-handed spin.

"Gosselin has been her own distinctive brand of terrible," media critic Tom Maurstad recently said in the Dallas Morning News. “She doesn't just lose track of the beat and forget steps, she appears alternately stricken and angry. ... Gosselin has become the Sarah Palin of 'Dancing.'"

And on a recent trip to Disneyland, where the Gosselin brood was given VIP treatment ...

... fellow visitors made their disapproval of her very clear, according to a report by Radar.

"A lot of people were saying, 'Who does she think she is?' and were booing her,” a source told the gossip site.


It’s not a great sign for someone who has a brand new show coming up and needs all the audience she can get. Which leads us to our poll.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Tony Dovolani and Kate Gosselin's April 19 performance on "Dancing With the Stars" earned them a ticket home the next night. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC / Associated Press

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Ugghh! Talentless twit finally got the boot...now to suffer with media coverage of abysmal, shallow, faux pas mom who only craves fame and media attention a la Sarah the Moose-Killer Palin...she's no different from her ex-hubby that louse of a loser...Now in other news...Justin Timberlake bikini waxed ...film at 11...

She did NOT do this for her kids, she did it to support her extravagant lifestyle--her old 4 bedroom house wasnt enough, she had to have a mcmansion. She now has nannies, cooks, gardeners, and housekeepers on her payroll. She no longer has time to cook, clean, and care for her children--someone has to make those ginormous house payments she now has.

Please, please look up the history on Jon and Kate Gosselin. They represent greedy grifters, both of them. No talent, fame seeking, want-to-be celebrities who have exploited their children for profit. Sad story.

I believe that Kate Gosselin should feel proud of herself. Not many women have accomplished so much with so many problems. She has an envious ex-husband that doesn't know how to create publicity for himself and uses her to slime himself into the spotlight. JON: Grow up!!!! Be a man for once in your life!!!! Look up to your ex-wife,she's a great lady!

She is no better than the balloon boy parents -- anything to get on TV! Only difference is balloon boys parents got caught red-handed. She hasn't been caught up with yet. She is a mental case.

If she really wanted to support her kids why not go back to Nursing? Invest and spend the millions she already has wisely. How much money do you need to support a family. My family members have nine kids and do it with less than a million dollars! come on face it, she isn't doing this for her kids, she is OFTEN without them (and everyone though Jon was the bad guy...LOL), she is doing this for herself. I don't want to wish bad for anyone but I really think she needs to go back to nursing and God. Oh wait, I think she got money and forgot about God. Remember Him Kate? Didn't he get you through that difficult pregnancy? Greed, it'll do you in every time!

You are all quick to judge Kate but she does have 8 children to raise (not kids, they are not goats) She had twins then sextuplets, I wasn't it as though she planned on having 8 children. I am sure she would have been struggled to make ends meet even if she had continued nursing career. She would not be able to spend much time with her 8 then either. I believe she is doing the best she can. I can't even imagine raising 8 children and still having my sanity. She could not dance and that is a no brainer. Some people just don't have any the beat. , just like some are tone deaf. I think people need to support her and quit slamming her. There is no doubt in my mind that she loves those children and would even humiliate herself with dws to help support them. Like her or not that is her business and who the heck are we to judge her unless we walk in her shoes.


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