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PREACH IT! Well, would you look at that -- nekkid celebrities

April 16, 2010 |  3:29 pm

Kim kardashian It has come to our attention that a slew, nay, a spate of stars have been doffing their clothes and cavorting about naked in front of camera lenses of late, and for all manner and class of purpose. (Why these nude shoots inspire us to talk like clients in a Sherlock Holmes tale, we couldn’t tell you.)

We already know about Kara DioGuardi. Now add to the list Ricky Martin, who went nekkid for a video he made a few years back but didn’t release until now, and Kim Kardashian, who posed for Harper's Bazaar wearing nothing but her own satiny ego. Martin lolls about on glowing Plexiglas and gets tattoos while nude. Kardashian is just naked, which, for the record, is plenty entertaining enough.

It should also be noted that a few other stars are choosing to go bare about the face and neck; Jessica Simpson has posed for a closeup on the cover of Marie Claire completely devoid of cosmetics, with her hair, as the magazine put it, air-dried. Kardashian also has said that her photo was not computer altered. (Back in 2002, actress Jamie Lee Curtis blasted a hole in the self-satisfied fashion world by appearing in More magazine without any retouching.)

Of course the fans are leaping up and down and celebrating all this daring nakedness ...

... waxing on about self-confidence and sexy derring-do. (Kardashian’s description of choice: “empowering.”) But is this really so much of a big deal?

Celebrities are hot. They look good naked. What’s so outre about walking around without any clothes if you look amazing no matter what? Clothes on, clothes off, you’re hot. We get it. Even Simpson’s makeup-free magazine cover was less of a revelation than a confirmation: Yep, that’s a pretty girl, all right.

Now, when Kirstie Alley or a newly fleshy Wentworth Miller poses naked -- and unretouched, mind you -- that will be something to talk about. In fact, Preach It! just may even applaud such a choice as something truly brave and, yes, even a little bit sexy.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: What a shock that Kim Kardashian would shed her usual burka and pose nude -- and look OK doing it. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

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