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Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee feels Sandra Bullock's pain [Poll]

Mamie-gif Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, not pictured at left, says she owes Sandra Bullock an apology.

Gee, ya think?

In a lightning quick reaction to weeks-old events, McGee has gone bravely to the global stage that is Australian television, painting Jesse James as bad guy (but also a tattooed dream date) who talked her out of thinking he was a married man. Indeed, the "Today Tonight" interviewer seems to believe James' story as well, referring to Bullock's marriage to James in the past tense.

McGee likens herself to Bullock, saying they were both equally duped by the West Coast Choppers owner. She also allows that, even though the two didn't seem to have much in common, "maybe" James was in love with his wife, possibly attracted to her goodness and "cleanliness."

"I want to give her a heartfelt apology," McGee says. "I'm sorry for her embarrassment and her pain. I do feel really bad about it." She'd like to tell Sandra, "I'm sorry all this is public."

Not much discussion of why McGee made everything public in the first place, however, except ...

... that she saw them at the Oscars, heard Bullock's acceptance speech and wanted the actress to know the truth about her man. Which of course was best accomplished not by contacting anyone discreetly but rather by accepting cash from a tabloid to tell the story in public.

The Bombshell is touchingly surprised that more people aren't taking her side, because James -- whom she says she never loved -- is "the bad guy."

Best part of the interview: Hearing Bombshell McGee call Jesse James' behavior "gross."

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: We're tired of the same old pictures, so we present for your enjoyment a glamour shot of a real bombshell -- Mamie Van Doren. Credit: George Hurre

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I am laughing. Trashy McGee did this to herself. Surely she gests that she thought anyone besides her dillusional father would stand with her as she destroys the life of someone else. I hate that it happened and feel McGee is the scum of the earth but with all the other revelations feel Sandra Bullock needed to know to protect her health more than anything. She is one classy woman and there are no words to describe where McGee lands on the class chart. She is one big loser. All the Jesse James women are losers big time. I wish Bullock well and hope the three chidlren can find stability once more.

I had always thought Sandra was WAAAY to good for Jesse... Jesse should have been thanking his lucky stars he actually landed Sandra she was way out of his league, Michelle McGee is pretty much the scum's type and they deserve each other! But atleast Jesse's kids finally has a good mother figure to look up to.

what's with all these women who commit adultery with celebs like Woods and James, and then go public with how they've been "victimized" as much as the wives?

seems they can't open their legs or their mouths fast enough

Seems like ol' Bombshell isn't THAT sorry if she's making money off the whole fiasco....understand she's supposed to star in or co-host some reality TV show? Yeah, that's real remorse and sorrow for you ("Gee, I'm really sorry, but I could be even sorrier if it plays well to the press and pays a buck or two...."). What a sweathog.


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