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Lil Wayne checks in from prison -- via his new blog

Lil wayne cuffed The first thing we thought when we read Lil Wayne's blog from prison was that someone had to be editing his stuff, because -- nothing against the guy -- the mechanics of the writing are a serious departure from his Twitter feed.

Sure enough, according to Spin magazine, the rapper doesn't have Internet access while he's incarcerated, but members of Team Weezy are inputting his handwritten letters and posting them at the blog Weezy Thanx You. He says he's in good spirits, working out a lot, reading the Bible and thinking of his kids.

It's Lil Wayne's way of keeping in touch with fans who are apparently sending him tons of mail while he's locked up for a year after pleading guilty to a weapons charge. He went in on March 8 after several delays.

"If I could, I’d write each one of you back," he said on the blog Friday. "Because of this, my team and I have created a website where you can view my letters. Each week I’ll answer as many questions as I possibly can."

Also, according to the first post from the man also known as Dwayne Carter Jr., he'll be blogging again soon for ESPN.

Meanwhile, as the rapper does his time, a judge in Arizona has issued a bench warrant for his arrest, for failure to appear in a Yuma court on charges related to possession of drugs and a loaded weapon.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lil Wayne is handcuffed at Manhattan criminal court on March 8 after being sentenced to a year in jail for having a loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007. Credit: Louis Lanzano / Associated Press

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Lil Bullfrog needs to work on his rhyming skills cause all his "hits" are auto-tune garbage.

wow you obviously have never heard his "HITS", name a "HIT" besides Lollipop that was autotune hit. Do not say prom queen since it was not a hit. Past 5 singles which were hits before The Carter 3.....Go DJ, Stuttin Like My Daddy, Fire Man, Tha Block is Hot,.....no auto tune that just started on dedication 3 mixtape in 08. learn your music history.

Music history? Lil Wayne is pure garbage

hey weezy is da best rapper alive and i do not care waht anybody say and i think dat he should stop hanging around da wrong people and focus on his fans and his music.

what did he go to jail for

Lil' Wayne is doing what any other artist would do..."he's doing him" it don't matter if he had a weapon (how many unknowns carry weapons) he just got caught up!!! I like Lil' Wayne and he does have skills and I will always support him in what he does..I give him BIG PROPS for taking care of his children. (Even though I don't approve of all the different momma's) but he is providing well for them. Most men now adays don't care and will not provide for kids they help make. I just wish Wayne well and keep your head up the time will fly by and just have that good music ready for you FANS when you come home....1 Luv Always

Free Tunnechi Man

i love u wayne keep yo head up love from yo bigest fan.

lil wayne is da best rapper on da block
he is not a rhymer he's a lyrical timer

Que Pasa
Lil Wayne? Sad to see the way things turned out. Keep the faith in the word. Jesus is the answer to this dark and evil world. Hope to see the Government let you out. If you feel like your officials ruled unjustly then I suggest voting them out. Here in New Mexico I have associates sitting in prison just like you. Some as victim from abuse of the judicial process. Guess what election time is coming up. So don't give up. Talk to the inmates. Let them know. What better way to reach your officals by voting them out and the right ones in,. I hope that makes you feel better. Take care hermano. Walk in Good Faith with the Good Lord. Rev. 1:1.


Paul Keith Reyes
Pablo's laborer
Go Raiders!!

What up weezy that sux u behind bars but
u b out soon an tearing up da rap scene again i know u will i got faith in u well holla at me $teven barker ur # 1 fan.

i love ya... ready 4 u 2 get out and give us sum more hits.... im glad 2 hear ya doing good and wish u tha best just wantd 2 show ya sum love.... hope u show sum back..............

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