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PREACH IT! Has no one learned from Sienna Miller's pain?

April 20, 2010 |  2:58 pm
Shaun-larry-king Fresh intelligence in the most surreal divorce/un-divorce drama in show business: The guy who supposedly came between Larry King and wife Shawn? You know, that guy? Apparently he was a close family friend.

According to Radar, the would-be home-wrecker is a baseball coach and fiercely ambitious wannabe actor named Hector Penate. Take it away, Radar:

"According to [a] source, Penate grew extremely close to the family, with the children 'idolizing' him and the Kings taking him everywhere with them, including on shopping trips and amusement park visits .... Shawn was attempting to hook up Hector with her husband’s agent and Larry was also helping, the source says, adding: 'Larry was more concerned with his kids' baseball careers, you know, upcoming baseball careers for his kids, so he was willing to help out Hector, to keep him happy.' "

OK, note to everybody: When a hot dude is hanging around with you and your wife, and hanging out with your kids, and going with you on shopping and amusement park jaunts, he is tagging your wife.

Did no one learn anything from the whole Jude Law nanny mess? (You know: Jude Law hires nanny, nanny is there all the time because she’s a nanny, Jude Law cheats on fiancee Sienna Miller with nanny?)

Actually, even Miller apparently didn’t learn anything from the Jude Law nanny mess. She and Law were photographed just this week — looking mighty cozy.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Shawn and Larry King at a CNN party in April 2007. Photo credit: Stuart Ramson / Associated Press.

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