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Justin Bieber fans lose their minds again, this time in New Zealand

Bieber-NZ The way to Justin Bieber's heart does not -- we repeat, not -- involve knocking down his mother. And please don't steal his stuff either. All it will get you is disappointment. 

This apparently was news to 500 or so fans who turned out to greet the pop sensation at the Auckland, New Zealand, airport on Monday and got so pushy and crushy that police simply whisked him away, MTV reports.

Even worse (and we say that with a large dollop of sarcasm), Bieber's hat was snatched right off his head in the fracas by a girl who then held it for ransom. Via Twitter, Emah Hira Matiu, 17, asked for a hug in exchange for the hat.

She told TVNZ that after taking the cap, she "shoved it down my shirt ... got trampled ... and then I ran away."

"I do know that I have technically stolen it," Matiu said. "But he's a celebrity and this is what you get for being famous ... kinda comes with the deal ... we didn't mean to upset him, all we wanted was a hug."

Bieber, however, isn't shy about what he's not down with, and he wasn't down with the girl's demands. "[N]o hugs. no thank u's," he tweeted after the hat was returned -- with a note including contact information tucked inside. 

A bungee jump did briefly get the singer away from the crowds.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Ladies, ladies, ladies -- you do realize it looks totally scary when you do this, right? Hundreds of fans waited at the Auckland, New Zealand, airport on Tuesday for a glimpse of Justin Bieber, but wound up disappointed. Tip: Whether the boy of your dreams is 16 or 46, acting all crazy will just make him decide to escape through a side door. Credit: David Rowland / EPA

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wow girls are so crazy for justin bieber. Don't get me wrong i like him but he is just a person like me and you. i don't know why people have to be so stalkerish

Bless him, they shouldn't of done that all he wants is to see his fans and get going not getting his hat snathched and his mum pushed over. That is probaly the worst place he has been, it would be for me if that happened to me


that is the worst thing someone could do to a celebrity they give you a lot of stuff like concerts shows and you can go to their website and go to their store but that was so mean of the people who did that...... who ever did that they should be a ashamed of there self..............................................................

i love justin bieber so much its not even funny

u guys need to give him hes pursonal space cuz every one needs there space and it wouldent be right if i took ur hat or even ur jacket lol so calm bown and give him his space. kk lil mama out peace and respect

Justin...enjoy the mania while you can...because as you get older, you'll be long forgotten because you will by then evolved into just another Leif Garrett or Todd Bridges while partying up with Lindsay Loser Lohan (who will still be the party trash gal at age 40)...har, har..

You girls need to get a life. Song Baby OK. He's not that cute...you all are hard up for anything.

@ dazhane ikr I LOVE him so much that it's not even funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a sad statement on society that idotic teenage girls act this way! Hello, he's human not a God! Stop this ridiculas celeb worship and get a sense of what's important in life.

lol..girls are crazy...i love jushins song babe!!..im listening to it right now...well ya..im sry for him...i like him but i dont like like him.....

i feel really bad for him because he has to deal with all these insane girls. don't get me wrong i like him and he is extremely cute but these other girls are crazy. most of my friends are this way and they call me weird for not being crazy in love with him.

All i have to say is girls how would you feel if someone did that to you ? That was so wrong for them to do Justin sorry you have to deal with that !

i would like 2 see u sometime in my life i love u

that should of happen to justin bieber or his mom !!

what up justin bieber this is jasmine pike how are you oh and my friend like you sing too...... but my techer called you a girl justin bieber ps me and my friend love you so much ok boy

people really no one should have to deal with that even if you are famous i would just say hi can i have a autogragh and bye!!!! thats it you dont have to steal his hat or push his mom!!!! his mom is not even famous!!! P.S I think he is cute but not that cute and I love the song BABY!!!! I even made my own video of it check it out!!!

the only reason newzealanders go crazy is cause not that much famous people come to newzealand

Seriously... I love J.B but thiz iz getting out of control me nd my "sister" love him but we don't go pushing hiz mother down or taking hiz hat or anything like that i know many people love Justin, but some people are just out of control I meen serioulsly, Hez a normal human being like you and me i meen sure hez hot and a great singer but we need to give him a break "CHILL" all i gotta say iz diz iz past crazy!! but anyway
love Araceli

Guys ARACELI Is Right he is a normal person and all celebraties r i mean i lyk his music hes hot but i would hate 2 date a celeb because every one would be all over him and he probly would be busy every day conserntrating on his school work and his music vidios and the rest of his caree they need their space and we have lots i bet he doesnt like dat all da girls just go so wild and celebs hide away from the paparatzze all da tym they just follow you all the time to see what happens in your life=( ONE DAY I HPE I AT LEAST BEcome fwenz wif Justin Bieber=) call me mwa mwa xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

i totally agree with you Araceli his is a human being with a really good voice and looks good thats all come on people you girls are like his personal stalker

wow people are crazy for justin bieberhe is a boy. i am happy i am not famous the only thing that is different about me and some one that is famous is, 1)they make lots of money,2)some of them are full of them selfs, and 2)they get stalked by crazy girls

i totally agree with Araceli they were totally mean to justin to steal his hat and push over his mom i am sorry that happend to you justin i hope your mom is ok lul

I have to say he is a good singer but NOT THAT HOT. I love his eyes and haer.One of my favorite songs are baby,one less lonley girl,and one time.

omg mann i swear i LOVE JB but these girls get too crazy especially when they even threatend 2 kill kim kardashian,i mean im not a big fan of er' myself but still i would not threaten her tho.I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER!!;))xoxo<3

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