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Police cancel Justin Bieber appearance in Australia

Bieber-TV2 Police in Sydney, Australia, canceled a free three-song appearance by Justin Bieber early Monday morning, citing safety concerns after the audience -- thousands of mostly young girls, many of whom had spent the night ahead of the 7:40 a.m. event -- got unruly and several people received minor injuries. 

Bieber tweeted that he'd woken up Monday morning to word that the police had nixed his show.

The New Zealand Herald reports "whispers the 16-year-old star had arrived early forced a crowd surge about 2 a.m. Problems with the unruly group continued over the following hours, with crowd surges crushing and trampling some fans." Click here for a video of lots and lots of screaming fans.

Bieber-cry After the teen singer's lone Australian gig was canceled, fans walked from the Circular Quay en masse to the Channel Seven studios, where Bieber performed "Baby" in studio (the video is here) and promised he'd be back in Australia on tour. As the segment wrapped, one anchor referred to the morning not having gone exactly as planned, and the other delivered a message from the police: "If you're outside and you can hear us, you now have to go home -- in a quiet manner."

"I guess police say that you guys have to go home," Justin said to close the broadcast. "I mean, I'd love for you guys to stay and hang out, but we've got to go." 

Hard to believe that nobody expects these crowds yet, eh? Though this time the Bieber camp was quick to tweet word of the cancellation. More pics from Monday morning after the jump.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Top photo: Fans crowd into Sydney, Australia's,  Martin Place to watch Justin Bieber's performance on the  "Sunrise" morning show on a monitor outside the program's studios Monday. Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images

Bottom photo: A mom comforts her daughter at Circular Quay after the pop star's outdoor performance there was canceled. Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images


Photo: The crowd outside Channel Seven studios during Justin Bieber's "Sunrise" performance. Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images


Photo: Fans at Circular Quay express their love for the pop star. Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images


Photo: Fans at Circular Quay. Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images


Photo: Fans at Circular Quay sport Bieber fever T-shirts. Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images


Photo: Fans at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia.  Credit: Graham Denholm / Getty Images

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dang datz crazy

The police were right to cancel the show. Thousands of unsupervised teenagers there who clearly weren't listening to the request of police regarding safety. Sorry kids, but you have to learn that all behaviour has consequences and that consequence was cancelling a show. The comment from teenagers of "you cant do that" just doesn't wash in the real world.

Justin was in New Zealand and his mother was pushed down by the fans. Apparently she was not hurt, the news story didn't really say. But there was also a news article on how he allegedly wanted to meet Slash who is also in Australia promoting his new album and Slash invited him to meet at a strip club with him and his missus. How disgusting is that? How rude and disrespectful of a fan and another performer especially one so young as Justin is. Slash has children and you would think he would be more gracious and not disrespect someone so young.

was up justin i hate u

just playin
well my friends luv ya they would die if they ever saw or met u u are the best male singer ever


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