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Halle Berry, fashion-model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry split

Aubrey-berry Actress Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubry have gone their separate ways and are still working on a long-term custody agreement regarding their 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Radar reported and TMZ confirmed the apparently amicable split, with TMZ saying the current custody deal is short-term only and that no property issues have been settled in writing.

The couple, who had not married, met on a Versace shoot in 2005 and went public in early 2006. The "X-Men" actress' two marriages -- the first to ballplayer David Justice and second to musician Eric Benet -- ended in divorce. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry together in October 2007 at the Los Angeles premiere of her film "Things We Lost in the Fire." Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images.

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Smart patoody not marrying this guy. She has an unlucky love life and we all love Halle but what is it that breaks apart?

Halle, I love kids. Call me!

puhlease, hale berry is a profound narcissist around whom she thinks the entire world should revolve. this is a woman who RAN DOWN another young woman with her car, then TOOK OFF from the scene. the young woman was seriously injured. does ANYONE think that ANY man would have walked away with a fine from this crime?

so, as usual, though she whines about men an time she appears anywhere o t.v. and, of course, these womens' shows eat it up, the story is always berrys; never any balanced coverage.

given her past relationships, her criminal activities, and the story of her deeply disturbed relationships with her family members, i highly doubt that this break up has much to do with gabriel aubry, although i'm also sure that her people will spin this into the stratosphere about, poor, poor halle, who made sure that the entire world knew that SHE broke up with him (supposedly). such maturity from a 40+ year old woman.

she sickens me.


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