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Gosselin kids OK'd to appear in 'Kate Plus 8' TV specials

Kate-gosselin Single mom Kate Gosselin says she did "Dancing With the Stars" to support her kids -- now the tykes will get a chance to support themselves after Pennsylvania approved the labor permits for "Kate Plus 8," a series of TLC specials that will air this summer. 

In a decision earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry said that although no permits had been pulled for "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Kate and Jon Gosselin, TLC and the show's producers wouldn't face legal action as long as 15% of gross proceeds were put into a trust fund for the kids, and proper permits were obtained for future filming.

This doesn't, mind you, have anything to do with Mom's new show, "A Twist of Kate." No kiddies on that one, just Mama Gosselin traveling the country to help others.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kate Gosselin was in Santa Monica on April 16 to sign copies of her new book, "I Just Want You To Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family." Credit: John M. Heller / Getty Images 

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Uggh! More child exploitation from the Talentless Twit...Is TV just lazy or just fresh out of ideas or both?? Is the American audience so stupid and vapid enough to get sucked into lives of this media hungry skank and her off-springs...It's a wonder anyone watches television anymore...

I never watched her show. But the media throws her in our face almost day after day. She and the Octomom are both in the same category of worthless media(you know what's). This whole thing just make me cringe and glad I never got caught up in watching this woman.

I AGREE - please sick of her & her family issues-got enough my own-, yea she needs the money, but raising the children I think are way more important. Start businss so your home at least! Jesus if I could I would and I have no little kids anymore..........


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