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Roman Polanski has to show up -- Jake Harris and Lindsay Lohan too


So sorry to lump Jake Harris and Lindsay Lohan in with Roman Polanski, but a theme's a theme, and today the theme is "showing up for the law."

A California appeals court judge on Thursday told Polanski -- remotely, of course -- that yes, he really does have to show up in person to be sentenced for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old in 1977. The decision affirmed a lower court's ruling, of which there have been many, on various legal points.

This may be the decision that clarifies things for the Swiss government, which has been holding up on ordering Polanski to sashay away from his chalet. Can you say "extradition"?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, a bench warrant was issued for Harris' arrest after he missed a Wednesday morning pre-trial court appearance in Seattle. However, the "Deadliest Catch" kiddo ...

... showed up Thursday and, through his lawyer, apologized for the gaffe, KOMO News reports.

Seems someone thought the appointment was set for Wednesday afternoon. The judge was cool with that explanation, rescheduled the appearance and warned Harris not to get behind the wheel. Harris' license is suspended while he faces reckless driving charges.

As for Lohan, she's got a third chance May 4 to show up for a deposition related to a civil case after skipping her second on Wednesday. After showing up late to the first meeting and then leaving because of a schedule conflict, she either went shopping, or to traffic school, or both. The lawsuit was filed by passengers in an SUV she was driving when she was arrested for DUI in 2007. 

However, LiLo's facing nothing more than a little police questioning so far, E! News reports, regarding a friend's missing Rolex

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credits, from left: Roberto Pfeil / Associated Press; Blair Bunting / Discovery Channel via Getty Images; Jason Merritt / Getty Images. 

A lot of celebrities get their day in court -- or close to it. Click here and scroll down for more.

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I guess I should not be surprised to see the LA Times grouping a reckless driver and a person for not showing up to be questioned by the police, with a rapist who drugged a 13 year old girl, then sodomized her, and fled the country after pleading guilty to statutory rape before he could be sentenced! Sounds like something the times would do.

@Stan -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog.

At least I apologized for it in advance.


It's about time Roman faces up to that incident back in the 70's. I am alarmed though that it has followed him for so long and it should have been squashed a long time ago. But I think the California courts were miffed that Roman split on them and were determined to bring him back and make him face the music.

Lindsey Lohan, damned girl! You need to get back to work or something instead of venting your diatribe against the world in general. Get a grip girl! We all have disappointments in life! I've had plenty myself! See how long I'd last trying to pick a fight with everybody who looked at me the wrong way or said something f'd up! Get over it and move on! Go make a movie! Go make some money! Go somewhere and sit down! You can't beat up the world coz' it's not shaped and molded your way! That is within the Almighty's pervue! Go to church sometime and learn about Him! But girl really, get a grip!


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