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Even if Charlie Sheen stays -- who should replace him? [Poll]

Men sheen Sources tell People that Charlie Sheen is leaving "Two and a Half Men." Show Tracker says Sheen's people are probably posturing in the middle of contract negotiations. And TMZ's sources are apparently riotously laughing -- we have a visual of guys with shot glasses and cigars, clapping one another firmly on the back -- over the idea that Sheen's contract would be settled even a second before CBS announces its fall lineup in May.

The Ministry realizes that the only way to get anything of substance out of this kerfuffle is with a nonscientific online poll. However, we don't really care whether Sheen comes back; what our Division of Absolutely Accurate Statistics is yearning to learn is, who should replace him if he leaves?

You know, if he maybe has somewhere else to go ...

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: The "Two and a Half Men" trio in a 2006 promo picture. Credit: Warner Bros. Television

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John Stamos

@Jason -- Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. Gotta tell ya, when I was initially doing the poll a little more seriously, John Stamos was my first answer. No lie.



How about a season ending car crash and the unwrap the bandages on the new season to ... Emilio Estevez. He could step into the role with nary a notice

I believe this show has come to its natural conclusion. The glorification of youthful chubbiness should end now. Have a reunion show in 10 years after the kerfuffle has settled. Boyish acting-out behavior which some might consider felonious should be a big hint to CBS to take the high moral position.

Martin Sheen, equally as obnoxious, talentless and clueless.

Harry Connick, Jr.-- dreamy, funnny... and great hari like Charlie.

Oops-- great hair!

Yes i reckon John Stamos as well

no one!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one. The only thing that I can figure is perhaps he had Chelsie get married and then on the way home from the reception he get killed in a car crash. I feel sorry for "Alan" because of Sheen's stupidiness, but maybe, just maybe, the show could continue with Chelsie and Alan eventually getting together until a true ending could be found.

Somebody from canary row.

Nicholas Cage, but John Stamos would be great too!

Enrique Iglesias! He was outstanding as a guest star on a past episode, in which he played "a young version of Charlie [Harper]," to quote Alan. It would be funny to have a number of guest stars, and would bring some much-needed comic flair and zest back to a deflated show. Also, it would keep 200 people employed.

P.S. - Chuck Lorre, Lee Aaronson and Company: Hang in there!

Billy Bob Thornton!

I think robert downey jr would be an excellent replacement for sheen. rob lowe would be a good replacement for his brother on the show.

Scott Baio!!!!
No one else qualifies for this job except him.


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