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PREACH IT! Bombshell McGee gets a gig: Cue the sanctimonious outrage!

April 19, 2010 |  4:24 pm

Uchitel A brand-new reality show is making the rounds in Hollywood; you’ll recognize the hosts from their bedroom adventures with Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

That’s right: Woods and James have suffered pretty severe career dips as a result of their serial womanizing. But the mistresses? They’re still cashing in just fine.

Specifically, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee — you know, the white power mistress! — and Jamie Jungers, a.k.a. Tiger Woods Mistress No. 4, have fielded offers to host a show about stars who cheat on their loved ones. The concept, “Celebrity Cheaters,” is still being shopped around, but, per TMZ, both mistresses have agreed to host if the show finds a home.

This isn’t the first time Hollywood has boosted the careers of what the clucking hausfraus of these United States tend to call “home wreckers.”

McGee is also slated to appear — and by appear, yes, we do mean topless — in Vegas on Friday. She’ll be paid $5,000. On May 7, McGee is set to do a stunt boxing match against porn star Gina Lynn. Meanwhile, Rachel Uchitel, the first confirmed mistress of Tiger Woods, landed a job as a special correspondent on the TV celebu-mag "Extra." (She doesn’t necessarily need the cash — not if her reported $10-million shut-up settlement from Woods is accurate. But something tells us ...

... that, much like Kate Gosselin’s "Dancing With the Stars" gig, Uchitel’s appearances on "Extra" aren’t about the cash.)

Of course, the indignant clucking over all this has grown increasingly loud. “Can we stop celebrifying mistresses like Bombshell McGee please?” Entertainment Weekly intoned Monday morning. “Sleeping with married, famous men, then telling all, has become the quickest route to celebrity in an age when we had pretty quick routes already.”

EW has forgotten a key point: The fame may come quickly, but it flees just as swiftly. Hollywood isn’t so much rewarding these women for their behavior as it is parading them around for short-term fun.

The gigs we reported above are pure stunt casting, the equivalent of having Pants on the Ground Man guest-voicing on “South Park.” (You really think Uchitel will still be on "Extra" a year from now, when everyone has stopped gossiping about Woods’ legendary swing? And do you really consider a $5,000 stripping gig or a C-level reality show hosting assignment to be stardom?) By the time we work ourselves up over McGee’s truly pitiable jobs, some new scandal will have emerged, and all that sanctimonious outrage will have been for nothing.

So, follow the boxing matches and guest gigs on "Extra," or not. It’ll all be over soon.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Rachel Uchitel arrives at Perez Hilton's birthday party on March 27. Credit: Katy Winn / Associated Press.

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