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'Breaking Dawn' director writes an open letter to 'Twilight' fans

Condon In perhaps a brilliant move to court "The Twilight Saga" fans,  "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon has penned an open letter on the film franchise's Facebook page.

Addressing the letter to "Twihards, Twifans, Twilight Moms, Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland," the recently selected Condon set about proving the serious legwork he's doing to live up to the challenge ahead -- a finale in either one or two parts about vampires and werewolves in Forks, Wash. 

Condon tells fans he's watched Catherine Hardwicke's "Twilight" and Chris Weitz's "New Moon" up to three times each, reread Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn" twice, surveyed Mark Cotta Vaz's companion books and even peeped a Twi graphic novel.

"A corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic," Condon quips.

The "Dreamgirls" helmer confesses he's a "huge admirer of the already-iconic" Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, and "wanted to be the one to work with them as they face the challenges of bringing your beloved characters to the end of their journeys."

Condon encourages fans to ask questions on the page (many are already begging to know if "Breaking Dawn" will be split into two parts) and settles one burning argument about his artistic vision.

"No," he confirms, "there won't be any musical numbers."

What are your burning "Breaking Dawn" questions? Should Condon be courting the Twi-hards? Tell us in comments!

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Bill Condon, who co-produced the 2009 Academy Awards, talks to media outlets in January 2009 after the nominations announcement in Beverly Hills. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times.

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I dedifitely think that Breaking Dawn should be broken into two movies. There is way too much information to try to be fair and include it all in one segment. I believe the fans will be behind this question. To be able to convey all the action, emotion, and story needs two movies.

Thank God he wrote this letter. Otherwise this movie would have sold no tickets.

I am a 30-something twi-hard and I am also hoping that Breaking Dawn gets made into two films and not one. There is too much going on for one movie and if certain things were left out, it would not do the final book justice. Also, I fell very strongly that it would benefit to have an R rating for the last (hopefully two) films. The violence, the HONEYMOON (please, give us some vamp sex), the pregnancy, the birth, the transformation, the final showdowns should all be shown in all their glory. After all, we fans waiting for the honeymoon and birth and we should get to see it all.
This should and could be the best film in the whole saga. Do it right. Don't leave anything out and make it into two films. Don't let us fans have a reason to say "they should have...."

I read the Breaking Dawn book I think if they want the movie to reflect the book they have to split this into 2.

Hope that Bill Condon does Breaking Dawn in 2 parts! I am afraid he will lose too much of the book if he tries for one Movie. Please do 2! Love them...

I am 30 something as well and think a new script writer should be found as melissa has done a terrible job selecting the key parts to the movie and adding on stuff that does not exist in the books. keep BD strictly to the book. I think summit should look at new scripts for BD I for one would love to summit a copy of what I think should be made for the movie.

i think Alicia is right. They should DEFINITELY get a new script writer cos the Rosenberg lady sucks! Hopefully Eclipse and Breaking Dawn would be better than New Moon.

I totally agree, Breaking dawn should be spilt into two movies!
This should and could be the best film in the whole saga. Do it right. Don't leave anything out and make it into two films. Don't let us fans have a reason to say "they should have...."

Bill Condon did the right thing by addressing all the fans of the series, as we are the ones who will decide the success of this movie, The director of "New Moon" did that and it went on to make mega bucks because he did the same thing by addressing the fans in a letter.

I am in my forties and just fell in love with books I just finished reading Breaking Dawn and will re-read again but I also think 2 movies will do the book justice there is just too much to the saga in the last book to be left out. I guess I am a TwiMom

yes breaking dawn needs to be made into two movies we dont want the movie to be a flop to much to be made into one movie . need to be as good as the last book

need to be two movies book is so good need everthing to be put in movie

i hope they put it into two movies to. if they don't i'll be mad. cause there is alot of stuff i want to see.

I definitely think Breaking Dawn should be split into two films. It would not do the book justice to cram the entire into a two and a half movie. I also believe that the final two installments should be rated R. While, I understand that this will prevent some of the fan-base from attending the movie, it would be straying away from the book. This would upset people who wish that the movie stay as close as the book as possible, especially considering that it is the FINAL TWO MOVIES!

what parts will be open for breaking dawn..and is there going to be parts for kids because i think kids should be able to audition for multiple parts other than renesmee and another one is..are they holding auditions in new york and if so where?


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