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Nicole Scherzinger and Tim Urban, just playin' the game -- and we're ambivalent about that

March 31, 2010 |  1:57 pm

Dwts nicole Bye-bye Brenda -- Shannen Doherty was cut from "Dancing With the Stars" on Tuesday night; I suspect it was a lack of phone calls from women of a certain age who always thought Kelly and Dylan were the better match on the classic "90210."

Dwts shannen That means Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin will be around for another week -- she says she thought she was going to throw up; he says folks must really love the space program we had back in the day. We can't argue with either of them.

Just a reminder, in case you missed it the first time around: The fact that Nicole Scherzinger sings and dances for a living gives her absolutely no advantage whatsoever on "DWTS." She and her partner, Derek Hough, already told you that. And if you're thinking differently, it's because you're just jealous because she's pretty, way prettier than you are, and you're the only person in the world who's thinking that. As if.

Over in "American Idol" land ... 

Tim urban  ..."Teflon" Tim Urban is the current "Vote for the Worst" pick, and Wednesday night we'll see how that works out for him.

Now, the Ministry (OK, me, I'm talking about me) loved it that two personal faves, Andrew Garcia and Lee DeWyze, kicked it up a notch under Usher's influence. However, we admit to a certain ambivalence about this season in general -- and, via Gawker and Dish Network, we learn we're not alone

Now, if you didn't just click that last link, go back and click that last link.

It's a visual, people. Work with me.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Upper left photo: "Dancing With the Stars" couple Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC / Associated Press

Upper right photo: Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas on "Dancing With the Stars." Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC / Associated Press

Lower photo: "American Idol" contestant Tim Urban. Credit: Vince Bucci / PictureGroup

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