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Couples update: Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are doing fine, thank you

Scarjo SNL We hate to break it to some of you, but it appears the incredibly good-looking, wealthy and celebrated union of Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson goes unblemished.

After months of time apart, with ScarJo starring on Broadway and Reynolds at work on his new comic franchise, new reports say no rift exists between the two despite their physical distance. 

"She's been doing up to eight shows a week on Broadway, and he's been shooting the 'Green Lantern' in New Orleans. It's been tough, but they're making it through just fine," a source close to the actress told the New York Daily News. 

In her free time from the Great White Way, it seems Johansson is enjoying her girlfriends. On Monday night, the actress hit the Gramercy Park Hotel for its Rose Bar Sessions, featuring an intimate performance from crooner Rufus Wainwright.

Johansson took in the set with pal Drew Barrymore, alongside Lucy Liu, Susan Sarandon, Penn Badgley and Zachary Quinto

What do you think keeps the twosome together? Sound off in comments.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Fred Armisen, left, Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch from January. Credit: Dana Edelson/ NBC.

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I have no hope this union will last much longer than the average Hollywood marriages do; but I hope that it will. Most celeb marrages end when the man is not mature, or in love with himself more than his wife, or had just used her for his advancement. 80% of them fall for the attraction of some young, fresh want-to-bes who are willing to break up a marrage for some attention or to start a career, instead of working for it. After you have seen them naked, fake boobs and done them a few times, you see how shallow their intelligence is and their using you, just for their advancement. They realize how stupid they have been and want back in. But 90% of time they fail. I also know that sometimes the woman strays too. Its so sad if there are children in the mix. Scarlett and Ryan dont seem to be attention whores, so maybe this one will work, I hope so.


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