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Sarah Palin attends Oscar gift lounge with Willow and grandson Tripp [updated]

Sarah palin Oscar gold got a little red, white and blue Wednesday in Los Angeles: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stopped by the Silver Spoon Oscar Suite with daughter Willow and grandson Tripp

[Updated at 8:17 p.m.: Wondering why Palin's doing the rounds in Hollywood? According to Top of the Ticket, it could have something to do with a TV show she's reportedly pitching with "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett.]

Benefiting the Red Cross, the swag suite snagged the former vice presidential candidate for photo ops and gifting from beauty and luxury sponsors. At the Interior Illusions store in West Hollywood, Palin received jewels from Pascal Mouawad, watches by Skagen and Unite hair care products.

I'm told the oft-parodied politico donated all of her gift items back to the Silver Spoon for auction, as well as about $1,700 of her own cash, in support of multiple Red Cross efforts, including those in Haiti and Chile.

Palin's middle child, Willow, got her hair styled, receiving a blowout from Erick Orellana of the Chris McMillan Salon (Jennifer Aniston's longtime hairstylist).

And you thought it was funny seeing the "Jersey Shore" cast nab gifts during the Golden Globes.

Sound off on Palin's Academy Awards outing in comments.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Sarah Palin gives her signature wink in a file photo. Credit: J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press  

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That Wasilla Hillbilly looting again!!

why is this news? The woman is a walking disaster.

Another sterling example of Republican parenting. And look at the message it sends to teenage girls - get knocked up by your boyfriend who leaves you and you get the celebrity treatment!

Great. I thought the one thing Sarah Palin would not be correlated with was the Academy Awards.

I'm so tired of seeing SP already so I'm really depressed about the next 3 years as she ramps up for her inevitable trampling in the '12 election. If this is the best Repubs can do then what a shame for the political landscape...

Why is she here in the godless west? Maybe she realized she's full of it. At least she'll have time to teach her children how to mooch.

could she see russia from the gifting suite?

So she donated all her gifts to charity plus she threw in quite a bit of her own cash as well......good for her!

I am sure the others in attendance did the same......or not.

Give the lady her due, she knows how to work it.

hope she remembers to claim the goodies (even though she re-donated them) as taxable income.......

What a miserable lot you all are. Please do read your own comments and see how nice you really are. All are jealous women I would imagine. Full of hate for a beautiful classy woman who has it all plus class. Won't get much of that in this town.

Viva La Snowbilly! Long live the Ice Trash! I've decided I can't get away from the Palins who hate Hollywood and the media but are always on TV.

Hey all ... Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog. We don't publish profanity in comments -- even mild stuff, even with asterisks in it. If you're not seeing your post go up, that's probably why.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Let's see if I can put some facts into this snark fest:

1) Willow is not the Palin daughter who had Tripp. That was Bristol.

2) According to the article, Palin gave ALL the gifts back PLUS donated about $1,700 ADDITIONAL dollars to the Red Cross's work.

I have to conclude by asking "What do you read?" Because obviously you did not even read the article before you LEAPED onto the dung heap of insults.

I bet you NEVER say anything about the multi-millionaire stars taking all these gifts that they could go out an buy with their pocket change.

Do they give them all back and add more dollars?

Where's your snark about them?

hey hrh40 it basically comes down to *why was she there in the first place?* Who cares if she donated it back, the point was she took it... did she pay the hairdresser for the work done?

She is not a part of Hollywood, she was not in a Oscar nominated movie and she is not an actress looking for a role. Oh, wait, maybe she is......


Sarah is a good person. There are so many positons that we all secretly wish we were able to be in. You know them, maybe it is that special suite, or maybe in the audience when Oprah has her big give away of her favorite things, or even when you see a co-worker get a gift delivered to the office. I do not know of many people that would pass the gifts along and donate on top of that.
As a suggestion, think deeply of what makes a person real special, and look for that in everyone you meet, hear about and face, and don't let the world influence anything of great importance.

I do not see antyhing wrong with what Sarah Palin did. She gave a donation and charity to the Red Cross and this is decent and gracious act. What is the controversy about this? Tell you what is the problem in California? There are a lot of liberal elites out there who can speak English well but they cannot read and write well English. That is why we are in a mess now especially California under that Austrian Governor. How is that hopey changey working out for you Californians??

Maybe she was there to spread the gospel and save the souls of the liberal Hollywood elite.

She's a giver.

Mention Sarah Palin, and the frothing liberal heads pop up like carnival moles….

She gave it all to charity -- good for her! :-) Love you, Sarah!

I am a fine and educated women with 250K annual salary and I do not hate Palin, instead, I admire her. Why? Well, simply because we have some things in common: beautiful faces, great common sense mentality, sexy husbands and successful careers. We are in the same world and center of hatred and senseless talks. Who are those who hate us: the far left elite women who are desperately looking for Mr. right like Katie Couric and far left liberal men who have naughty and cheating wives.

Katarina: "it basically comes down to *why was she there in the first place?*"

Can you not read the article? The suite invited Governor Palin and her family there for a photo op. It's called marketing.

And yes, she donated everything back to the suite for an auction, and gave money to the Red Cross.

Another non-troversy; liberals simply lose their ability to think and comprehend when it comes to this lady.

I see some of those commenting here don't even know that Palin was in LA to be on the Jay Leno show. While in LA she participated in a charity event, wow, now that is something to really insult her about, isn't it? BTW, what about all that money that 0bama got for his "Peace Prize." Wasn't he going to give that to charity? All I heard it that he donated a couple thousand to Haiti, where's the rest of the $1 million prize? In his pocket I'll bet, or is he buying another house with Rezko?

So, since she called Levi "Ricky Hollywood" Can we now call this hypocrite "Lucy Hollywood"?

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