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Just in: Ministry of Gossip gets Robert Pattinson's jokes

Pattinson today Robert Pattinson has gone public with what the Ministry of Gossip understood all along -- that his Details magazine quote about hating and being allergic to vaginas was actually, shock of shocks, meant as a joke.

Imagine, having a sense of humor in this day and age. How dare he. 

To set this up a bit for those not hanging on Pattinson's every word: The photo shoot accompanying the actor's Details cover story featured him with a bunch of naked women. Rob told a story about that shoot in the interview, talking about how he was unprepared to be surrounded by naked models for hours. Then when the article hit the Internet, a bajillion bloggers -- perhaps titillated by the page-view prospects inherent in the V-word/Pattinson pairing? -- took his quotes out of context and blew them up into a stand-alone story line.

The celeb-watching world subsequently lost its collective online mind over the "scandal."

Pattinson told Access Hollywood at the "Remember Me" junket Sunday: "The whole story was because I thought people would be offended by the photos and when they get offended by the little joking explanation of it … I don’t know, the world’s a weird place."

The Ministry, we'd like to point out, got the joke in the first place. We'd also like to point out that video of his appearance on the "Today" show Monday morning is embedded after the jump. 

No joke.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Robert Pattinson on NBC's "Today" show to promote his new movie "Remember Me." Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press

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YOu guys were brilliant. :D I can't believe how many idiots didn't get it. Someone says they're allergic to a part of the body and nothing about that seemed funny to people? Huh. Somehow that seemed like a perfectly serious comment? Anyway, it was wonderful to see Rob's big laugh when the interviewer mentioned it and I completely agree with him that people are weird.

Good Lord! I never thought anyone took his joke seriously...people are unbelievable! One cannot have a sense of humor these days in Hollywood, especially if they are huge stars. He is so yummy, when can we clone him?

So refreshing to see an intelligent writer on the internet. Thank you!

Hey all! Christie D'Zurilla here from the Ministry. Got a comment submitted from "guest" that I can't publish because of its link to an old cartoon, but boy did the link bring back memories for me -- because I saw the cartoon back when you had to hand around *photocopies* to share funny stuff. Here's what "guest" said:

"It's an old joke and one must live under the rock not to know it. yep, men get allergic to V every time they see one, they get swelling below the belt but it doesn't mean they are really allergic. lol check this picture. it explains better than me."

The punch line on that pic? It's Linus saying, "No, Charlie Brown, that doesn't mean you're allergic to girls."

Now, of course, I must send the link to this post to my mom and dad. Because they were the ones who first showed me the cartoon. Ha!


LOL I've seen that cartoon. Priceless. heehee And yes, you got it the first time around. Good on ya. :)


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