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Rielle Hunter upset about photos with her GQ interview

Rielle Note to self: Don't want a picture published of yourself nearly flashing crotch next to Barney and Kermit? Don't pose for a picture nearly flashing your crotch next to Barney and Kermit. Especially if Barney and Kermit appear to be enjoying themselves.

John Edwards' baby mama, Rielle Hunter, is upset that GQ magazine selected sexy pics of her from a photo shoot in which she posed wearing, among other outfits, nothing but a man's shirt and a pearl necklace. Barbara Walters said on "The View" Monday that she'd talked to Hunter, who said "she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer and, quote, 'I went with the flow.'"

Read the article here and see the pics here -- they're really not that "repulsive" (Hunter's word), just sort of stupid if you're trying to divorce yourself from an other-woman reputation.

Which she might get to see from another point of view now. She told GQ: "Johnny has the same thing I have, where he looks people in the eye and listens to them. And a lot of times women will misinterpret that, or they'll project their desires onto him. And that gets a little tricky. I sometimes have a reaction to that. "

And what about the cash that has Edwards facing a federal investigation? From GQ:

"For about six months, starting in May '07, Andrew [Young] would put $5,000 a month into my bank account. One month it was $6,000. And he told me it was on the up-and-up and it was a gift. I had no idea where it was coming from. ... Andrew gave me money because he felt I shouldn't be using my own money to travel to see Johnny. Andrew always wanted to 'take care of everything.' And at that point, I trusted him. He was seductive in how he took care of things and insisted that you have things."

Whole lotta seduction going on -- but even so, she told the mag that the only thing she'd've done differently would be not staying quiet about her child's paternity when Edwards was denying it.

So now maybe she'll add the GQ pics to that list. Though, hey, they did make us read about her.

She could've checked with Rihanna first before assuming GQ was likely to select only nice headshots -- or asked any aspiring actress: If a photographer has you posing without pants on, you've probably moved past headshot territory.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Rielle Hunter with her baby daughter in Raleigh, N.C., on Aug. 6, 2009. Credit: Jim R. Bounds / Associated Press

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Now she is unhappy with the photos ~ Dimwit ~ was she in the other room when she POSED for the pictures?

Perfect payback.

This despicable woman is horrified by these photos yet had no moral issues with bedding a married man?

They are awful photos, but only because of the subject matter.

Why throw "it" in our faces in the same way in which she threw it at Edwards?

I'm surprised she didn't pose with her Gucci tote bag.

Nothing says hungry for attention like posing on a bed.

As the old song says "Cry Me a River". If you take your pants off for photos to be used in a Men's magazine, unless you are a complete idiot, you know they are going to use those photos. GQ (I think) had Anniston in nothing but a tie, so DUH. It is what they are known for. This is not "Goodhousekeeping" she was posing for.

Rielle Hunter is unhappy about the photos because they are exposing the TRUTH about what manner of woman she is: a desperate, grasping, middle aged, homewrecking narcissist! Yes, I know it takes two to tango, but she should've turned down the dancer when she found out he already had a partner. If she's crying, it should be from shame and remorse, not self-pity...but you know it's the latter as opposed to the former.

yeah, that photo is disturbing. why on a bed with stuffed animals? either she's a demented old lady who believes she's a little girl or she's a scary cougar looking for some young stud to play with her toys and herself. It's pretty twisted. That poor child of theirs.

I thought the picture of Rielle and her daughter on the bed (belly and all) was absolutely stunning. It was so tender and beautiful and was truly aspirational (how many women wouldn't love that body at 45 after birthing a child two years earlier?). But the other 2 were honestly just skanky. Yes, suggestive but too much make-up and just cheasy. There was no beauty or purity of spirit in them. They were more ugly than racy. As for Rielle, maybe she should spend less time on her astrology chart and dialing up her reiki healer and more time using common sense. And that goes for the gullible comments in the article in which she has pathetically blind trust in a man who has lied to his wife and the nation, all while dishonoring his own daughter by denying claim to her. (Incidentally, I am NO fan of Elizabeth Edwards who is a manipulative snake)

She needs to go away. She says she was not the homewrecker, and the (Edawrds) marriage was over before her affair with John. And she knew this when SHE approached HIM with the opening line of, "YOU'RE HOT!"????? Vile creature.

What goes around comes around...

What a knucklehead she is.

Please Miss,
You ran with wolves and yet came out like an underling. I wish you hadn't done it. You're not young. You hooked him and now, you will twist on the line
forever in history. You've left your daughter an ugly inheritance. Shame on


Oh please!! This is a typical marketing ploy; doing something and then claiming it was a mistake, or she didn't know or that it was all a misunderstanding (and let's not forget that Hunter met Edwards while running a viral marketing campaign for him). I find it impossible that she didn't know that the photos would look sexy; she just doesn't like the fallout from the photoshoot now and so now she blames the photographer. She seems to be pretending that she is some type of neophyte to the world of media. She was an actress and ran a production company and was in marketing herself. I'm surprised that so many articles on this topic are giving her a pass on her work background.

Is she upset that she looked bad or that she was pictured like the adulteress she is?

The hubris and unmitigated gall of today's homewreckers is quite baffling. At least in the past, they knew to slink away quietly like the vermin that they are...she unabashedly states the only thing she'd do differently is out her married boyfriend (cancer stricken wife, no less) as her Baby Daddy? Is this article supposed to bolster her image somehow? FAIL.

And John's certainly not off the hook, either. If nothing else but for the respect of his soon to be ex-wife, he should have made this wretch sign an agreement to shut the heck up about the whole sordid situation!

I feel sorry for the kid. What is going to happen once they grow up and see that photoshot from GQ. That kid doesn't have a chance at a normal childhood.


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