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PREACH IT! Right, right. Because Howard Stern is the most beautiful man alive


Howard Stern has declared the era of Gabourey Sidibe officially over. On his satellite radio show Monday,  Stern went off on the Oscar-nominated lead actress from “Precious,” essentially saying she’ll never work again.

“There's the most enormous, fat black chick I've ever seen,” Stern said. “She is enormous. Everyone's pretending she's a part of show business, and she's never going to be in another movie. She should have gotten the best actress award because she's never going to have another shot. What movie is she gonna be in?"

He and co-host Robin Quivers also called Oprah Winfrey a “liar” for saying that Sidibe is embarking on a “brilliant career.”

The two of them have a point; Sidibe isn’t exactly a classic Hollywood beauty. Jennifer Hudson, also not a skinny woman, has had some acting work since her Oscar win a few years ago, but nothing as rich or varied as other Oscar winners, say, Renee Zellweger.

Then again, Sidibe isn’t exactly begging for roles right now either. She’ll appear as a student on the new Showtime series “The C Word,” and her next movie gig is opposite Zoe Kravitz in the drama “Yelling to the Sky.”

So here comes our poll: Is Howard just saying what most people are thinking? Or should he shut his mouth? You tell us:

— Leslie Gornstein

Howard Stern photo credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Gabourey Sidibe photo credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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Is it me or does Howard Stern look like media hungry moose-killer Sarah Palin on a bad hair day? or are they one and the same....har, har...

Howard rules and he is also correct. What you forget to mention is that during his rant Stern said he was concerned for her health.

Well, Howard's as ugly as sin and he's made money being a hater. Gabourey shines inside and out, I'm with that girl all the way.

Yeah, JHud was in a teeny tiny movie called Sex And The City. Her performance blew chunks in SATC, which is probably the reason she's not cast more.

Howard like my Mother would say, "If you can't be civil then be silent". That is some sound advice for you.

Hollywood will cash in on her as long as producers think they can put butts in the seats or drag in the ratings. it's about money, not size.

RE: CaliMack's comment: "Yeah, JHud was in a teeny tiny movie called Sex And The City. Her performance blew chunks in SATC, which is probably the reason she's not cast more."
1. It was a very small role and she was quite endearing in it.
2. She is about to play the lead in a movie about Winnie Mandella.

I highly doubt that Howard Stern cares about Sidibe's health. I'm sure he just threw that in as a back-pedal. Both he and Quivers are hideous.

Howard is to ugly to be on the screen, that is why he is behind the microphone making a living all his life.

She has the body for radio.

And Howard has a disgrace of a black woman who is working with her. He needs to shut his trap up before civil rights groups goes after him. Why people hating on this woman, I don't know. Is he jealous of her winning awards and he is not?

You got it right BillyBob-of-LA.

She'll get plenty of parts but the character will always reflect her weight in one way or another; for drama or for comedy. It's impossible to cast her in a part which does not take her size into consideration. Thinking otherwise is pure naivete. If she aspires to have roles that are different, then she must loose weight. But at that size getting slim will take ages - if even possible - and will also require extensive plastic surgery. And then all media will be about her weight battle instead of her craft. Such a process will likely take a tole on her acting. Oddly enough, staying huge may be the best thing she can do for her career. Health is another matter. She'll be type cast, but she'll become rich and famous in her own category. Not many actors get that chance, let alone four hundred pound black women.

Howard Stern was speaking the truth. Yeah, it was harsh, but you think Gabby

First, you never know, really. There you have Danny Devito. If Precious would have been his debut, everybody will be saying the same, and everybody knows what happened.

But certainly, she's going to be type casted for a while, people is going to associate her with the movie.

I really hate Stern, but he has a point, whether you want to admit it or not. Seriously, how many parts call for an actress who looks like Sidibe? That's not denying her talent; she was great in the film, but there simply aren't many parts for an actress who looks like her.

Howard Stern was WAY out of line -- as is anyone else who either agrees or in any way endorses what he said.

It was cruel and mean-spirited.

If he's sooooo concerned for her health, he should have her on and they can talk it out.

Stern was being an ass. And so is Robin.

Why can't Gabourey just have this moment? They are both awful, horrible people.

I think it was an accurate description. Howard says stuff like this everyday but the media just grabs onto this one instance. They leave out the part where Howard said he loved the movie Precious, repeatedly. It's realistic to say she will have a difficult time getting roles and she might die sooner due to the strain on her heart. Hope she doesn't have to fly Southwest!

I am sorry to say that I agree with Howard, he is being realistic. You know today people back-stab each other with a smile on their face. Also Sandra Bullock is not much of an actress either, she is definitely B grade, there are no real good actresses left anymore, thats why Hollywood hires the good ones from England, I still can't figure out how Nicole Kidman got an oscar either, oh, yes I can she married Tom Cruise. There are no real good roles in for women in Hollywood anyway. Gaborney Sidibe is fat and black and not pretty at all. Oprah knows that because after all it is all about Oprah is'nt it.

Howard Stern? I thought he retired, or something. You just don't hear much about him since he transferred over to satellite radio. Wasn't he in a movie about himself years ago? Has he been in any other films since?

Think about it.Truth -or continue the charade.

How many 400 lb movie stars are there in Hollywood? Anyone with half a brain would realize Stern is right. We are talking about the most shallow industry on the planet. She got cast in a once in a million niche role and she'll fade into the sunset. Howard Stern is not insulting, all the people in Hollywood who are lying to her face telling her she's on the cusp of a great career are insulting

Um, hello, Gabourey Sidibe shines because she's so fat that he skin is stretched so much because she's so fat!! He was saying nobody is talking about the health issues. These stupid reporters want headlines so they take one little part of his rant and use it to make him look bad. You know why? Because it's easier to be lazy!! I listen to Howard Stern complete show everyday and he cares so much about people. He was NOT being funny, he was making a HUGE point!! Right now the Tiger Wood's Mistress Beauty Pagent is on, FUNNY!! Howard is the MAN!!!!

Stern is just desparately trying to recapture his own relevance in pop culture. This is, once more for him, a failed and vulgar attempt. We should all just go back to ignoring him.

Shes too fat...Howard just speaks the truth.... I bet she'll die in a yr or two...probably from diabetes or a heartattack

Howard Stern just needs to shut up and stay shut up! He's not exactly a heartthrob himself! Of course, everyone knows he talks garbage. The one who really ought to be ashamed of herself is his sycophatic sidekick, Robin Quivers for slamming Gabourey Sidibe along with her "fearless leader!" If you ask me, Robin is jealous because she KNOW Gabourey has every potential to be one of the greatest actress of the 21st Century...and Robin could never do better than being Stern's chief butt kisser and now's she's pushing 60 and knows her career is at a dead end, so all she can do is suck her teeth and hiss at a younger woman like the typical jealous old cat she is!!!

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