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PREACH IT! Neil Patrick Harris as a Smurf -- what more do you need? Well, you need a villain [poll]

Smurf If there ever was a time to fire up that Dance of 100 Smurfs, it’s now. A Smurfs movie is coming, and it stars ... Neil Patrick Harris. Translated into smurf language: A smurfy new movie is smurfing to a smurf near you, and it stars Neil Patrick Smurf.

NPH Details, per Deadline: “Harris won’t have to walk around as a blue-tinted Avatar. ... The Raja Gosnell-directed film is a mix of live action and animation, and Harris is the lead live action character. Filming begins in April, when he’ll be on hiatus from CBS' ‘How I Met Your Mother.' ”

Now you know. Still up in the air: Which particular smurfy episodes will serve as inspiration. There’s the episode where all the smurfs think they’re chickens (not making that up); the episode involving the magical flute known as Shazalakazoo (not making that up); and the unforgettable incident involving Yellow Hate Disease (seriously, not making that up).

Which leaves only one question: Who should play the evil wizard Gargamel? Here comes the inevitable poll, folks ...

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: A big ol' Smurf, left, kicks it in New York during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2008. Neil Patrick Harris, right, kicks it in Beverly Hills before the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 17. This Chrysler 300 is one of seven in existence. Credits: NBC, left; Michael Caulfield / Getty Images, right.

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Christopher Walken would be my first choice for Gargamel. My second choice would be Kelsey Grammar, the dude needs some work!

Alan Rickman

John Cusack

Johnny Depp

Christopher Walken would make a good Gargamel, but I would LOVE to see Alan Rickman do it. I don't think he would, but it would be phenomenal. Additionally, Mandy Patakin would be good. He played the villian in the popular "Elmo in Grouchland" - LOL!! But, I was surprised at how he threw himself into the role and really gave a great performance.

My vote is still Alan Rickman, although I have enough sense to know he would turn his nose up at the role.

wallace shawn, who played Vizzini in the Princess Bride, he has the voice and the hairline, or lack thereof LOL

larry david


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