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Lil Wayne gets another prison reprieve -- this time it's a fire

Lil wayne grammys Lil Wayne's trip to prison has been delayed yet again, thanks to a fire in the courthouse where he was to appear for sentencing Tuesday.

On Feb. 9, the rapper got a reprieve so he could tend to some dental work. On Tuesday, he was inbound on a plane from Miami to New York when a smoky basement fire shut the courthouse down for the day. It took an hour to get the flames under control, and five firefighters, two civilians and a prisoner were hurt.

Lil Wayne had already posted a farewell of sorts Monday night on Twitter: "yesterday i smiled,today i smirked,tomorrow i stop.............................thanks for your thoughts and prayers,they're needed."

The rapper's been crazy-busy in the weeks leading up to what's expected to be a year in prison, shooting nine videos in a 48-hour stretch before the last delay. 

Imagine what he could get done in New York between now and Wednesday morning. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lil Wayne backstage during the Grammy Awards at Staples Center in January. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images 

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that sucks, i just found out that lil wayne was to be jailed. i think they should let it all go, hes to big to be stopped producin for a whole year. so what if its a year of writting his lyrics, he still dont have no equipment dawg and that is what every rap artist needs at all times id know cause im underground.


Danny, tell you boy little wayne not to have illegal guns. That is why this jerk is going to jail. It should be longer.

"Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they're needed" Or, try not being another moron with a gun. how about "I made a stupid mistake, and now I'm paying for it"

Why is everyone on Wayne's back for the guns? Haven't you guys ever had the thought that these rappers might be actual gangsters? Nobody has the right to judge the man. The law is a joke in America.

I agree with the comment that says," I made a stupid mistake and now I'm paying for it"
I LOVE LIL WAYNE! Don't get it twisted, but when you do the crime, you pay the time. No matter who you are. Just like Bush should get charged with every murder that happened to our troops over in Iraq! Ha!

Tupac went to jail, came out even bigger than he was, with lyrics that were allowed to brew the enitre time he was there...

50 cent went to jail, releases his biggest hits

mac dre goes to jail, records a number 1 hit over the phone inside the jail

....Lil Wayne's jail time will be worth more than his freedom. he will still be sent mixtapes to use and write to, his thoughts and reflections will grow.

it sucks that hes gotta do time, but HE HIMSELF admits that he is looking forward to what this will show him

good luck weezy, holla in a year!

Christie D'Zurilla here from the blog -- we don't publish profanity in comments, so if you're not seeing your comment go live, that's probably why.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


....Who in the world arrested lil wayne for ths, he was raised in the ghetto n thats what he livs by n he is pretty darn sexy!:) i hate the fact hes in there bt i love it cause hes gonna go off the hook with songs n its gonna be great!!!! DONT EVA ARREST EM AGAIN PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE...............

for all u ppl who obviously dont no his name its LIL Wayne!!! some ppl hate and just kuz he cant say anything to u bout i will! =0 stop hatin on the best thing that happened to this world. get a life for real. and he didnt make a stupid mistake, he made a choice and thats how it is. hes a real g and u will never be, so really watch ur mouth. born in hollygrove and the street he nos how to make it thru the rough times. come on he lived thru being shot and being alone afterwards for how long? yea i think him being in jail will make his music blow everyones mind and expections but if yall dont no he free styles he music all the time. he dont write it on paper and keep it like before. but thats all i got for yu.
♥ u boo!! i got ur back unlike these fakes!

I love u and i will pray for u bbe


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