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Lady Gaga, Beyonce world premiere their 'Telephone' video

Telephone1 It's like Christmas morning here at the Ministry -- Lady Gaga and Beyonce have unveiled the music video for their latest collaboration, "Telephone," directed by Jonas Akerlund. Gaga beyonce telephone Where to begin with such a visual feast, packed with fantastic fashion, girl fights, poisoned diner food, an army of headpieces and lots of Gaga goodness?

We gave you a taste a few weeks ago; now you can devour the full clip (like the apple fritter the girls feast on in the vid). [Updated at 9:08 a.m., March 12: The edited version of the video wasn't quite as edited as we needed it to be for embedding here, but here's a link for now.] We're partial to Gaga's pet name for Beyonce ("Honey Bee"), the cameos from Tyrese Gibson and Jai Rodriguez, and the early confirmation that Gaga does not, in fact, have boy parts.

And that's to name only a few.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo credits: Interscope Records

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1st! badass video!!

So awesome!

Omg !!! that was soo amazing!

Her video looked like a cheap porn, she needs to try out for playboy and get it over with. And as for Beyonce, it just makes her look like she went back a couple steps.

This is amazing.
So elaborate and awesome.

hot video. but gaga needs to ditch beyonce. shes cramping her style.

wow heather, why are u wasting ur time? go away.

ok the video was good and very creative yes but it didnt make sense.

Okey? hahahaaaaaaa

It's pretty funny that 8 minutes after the video ended, you were on the hunt for a place to trash talk .... cheap porn? please. She has every right to show her body if she wants to, it's great that she has the confidence to pull off those looks. If you don't like it don't watch it.

I thought the video was awesome, I don't even have words to describe it quite yet!

Telephone was absolutely terrible.

Bad Romance is the best so far and I would watch Paparazzi before I would ever think about watching Telephone again.

I'm so disappointed. Enough said.

okay, that was freakin' awesome! 9 minutes of GaGa heaven! Loved every second and the looks she pulled off...whoa! hats off to GaGa!

Loved iitttt

i get the appeal of lady gaga... really, i do.

but doesn't anyone think maybe she's trying a little too hard?

It wasn't as great as Bad Romance, but it wasn't horrible either. It entertained me, and that's all I wanted. Great job, Gaga!

I enjoyed the video but, really, the most creative thing about it (her costumes aside) is the completely random way it pulls from various movies--Chicago, Thelma and Louise and Pulp Fiction just to name a few.

I guess we know what Gaga's favorite movies are...a little disappointing after Bad Romance!

Anyone else notice all the product placement in the vid?

Lady Gaga is a disgrace and Beyonce has stooped to the lowest of lows.

I love the gaga transformations , multiple wardrobe changes . It turns bad with cheesy phone and fast food endorsements . A bit of prison fighting and littering to round out the role model card . Gaga is a huge talent , she needs more body to work and more lungs to pull off the " big voice tunes " .

Wow thats 9 minutes and 31 seconds i will never get back of my life. What a waste of oxygen she is and how dare her ruin beyonce lol

The children on here make me chuckle. Gaga is just seeking attention with bold imagery and nothing innovative whatsoever.

The children like it, though.

Nice. Very nice.

how are you disappointed with this?? i thought it was an amazing video.. it was creative, and the Kill Bill reference was awesome.. Personally, i think its great..

Anyone remember when music was about more than style, but was actually about meaning and songwriting.

This is all a matter or empty marketing and business. There's no art here. No heart here.

Just crap.

The video could have been better. Not my personal favorite.

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